First thing you do in the morning:
OK, so on weekdays, the first thing I do in the morning, after laying in bed, is cuddle my doggo, Baylee, for as long as I can. But every Saturday morning I FaceTime my best friend, Juliet, and we figure out where we’re going for breakfast, then get ready and go. And then on Sundays I literally stay in bed all day.

Fave app and why?
Instagram is basically the only app I use because Snapchat is too much work and I don’t have cool enough things to say on Twitter. Plus, Instagram has become my number one way to meet new people which is my favourite thing to do!

i feel like a spy trying to look nonchalant while sitting on a dryer 👀👣🕵🏼‍♀️ #iweargarage

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Your go-to outfit:
My go-to outfit is definitely jeans, a crop top and a flannel shirt. California has really annoying weather where it’s like 50 degrees in the morning and 90 degrees by the afternoon, so I wear flannels a lot because when it gets hot I can just tie it around my waist.

What’s your favourite show on Netflix RN?
Gilmore Girls! I love how light-hearted it is because sometimes, when I watch too much Riverdale or Stranger Things, I get tense and need something funnier and less suspenseful.

Trinity Burley Garage Clothing
Name one thing you love and one thing you hate:
I mean, besides my mom, my dog Baylee is my BFF and I take her everywhere with me, like even on breakfast and lunch dates, at places that are dog-friendly. One thing I really hate is people who are mean for no reason or just act unnecessarily mean in general.

What’s your favourite quote?
“Live by the sun, love by the moon, look for the truth.” That’s basically what I live by, and I plan on getting symbols that represent that tattooed eventually.

Chips or ice cream?
Ice cream all the way! If I had to live off one food group for the rest of my life it would be dessert (except I don’t think that’s an actual food group lol).

Trinity Burley Garage Clothing