Why do you think girls are competitive with one another?
I think girls often compete against each other because they’re lacking a bit of self-confidence and they need to prove to themselves that they’re good and capable of doing things.

Are there certain aspects that girls are more competitive about than others?
It’s not the right thing to do, but often girls compete for success and beauty.

Do you notice yourself comparing yourself to others?
Sometimes I feel like I’m competing with other girls for success. I like to accomplish things, to succeed, and when I see other girls that are more successful than me or achieving things faster than me, it makes me a little jealous sometimes.

What are some of the mean things that have been said to you?
When I was younger, some girls once told me that they would wonder when I was going to gain weight. They thought I was fragile and that I would break easily.

How can girls support each other more?
I really think that girls should speak amongst themselves, face to face, and they should be honest with each other because sometimes we hear rumors and the things that the other person said are not necessarily true.

What would your advice be to other girls right now?
If I had one piece of advice for you, it’s to just be yourself and stop looking elsewhere. Focus on yourself and take time for yourself because it’s super important! Once you get to know yourself better, that’s when things will start to bloom and you’ll easily accomplish things!

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