Why should girls support each other?
Girls should support each other because they know how it feels to be brought down, so why would you give that feeling to someone else?

Can you describe a time when you had a conflict with another girl?
Well, one time I felt like I had to compete with another girl for my own boyfriend’s attention. Thankfully, he’s not my boyfriend anymore! But that was a time when I really felt like I had to compete, and I really didn’t. I should have just let him go.

How did you resolve the conflict?
Dumping him!

Are girls often pitted against one another?
Yes, a lot of times. Even on social media, there will be some post of celebrities and it will say ‘who wore it better?’ or ‘Who do you like better?’

Do you feel pressured to keep up with certain expectations placed on girls?
I feel pressured to look a certain way. To look my best at all times.

Do you, at times, find yourself comparing yourself to other girls?
I compare my social media to other girls’ social media all the time, like YouTube videos, Instagram, Twitter. I’ll be like, ‘Wow, my account is not good compared to this person’s account, or this person’s.’

What are some of the hurtful words that girls have said to you?
Some mean things that people have said to me, they think I’m spoiled, and stuck-up. They don’t really know me so they just assume those things about me, and they’re not true. A lot of the time on YouTube, in the comments, a lot of people say mean things about my appearance, whether it’s my too-thick eyebrows or that I’m too skinny. So if they said, ‘oh you look like this’, I would look at that thing all the time and be like ‘Is this okay?’ But now that I’m okay with myself, I just brush it off.

Why do you think girls bring each other down?
I think girls bring each other down because they are insecure about themselves.

How can girls support each other more?
I think we all can create change by ourselves. It starts by keeping negative comments to yourself and not putting other girls down.

What would your advice be to other girls right now?
My advice to girls right now is that you get what you give. If you give out negative energy, that’s what you’re gonna get back, so you gotta keep it positive and that will come back around.

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