The Garage Collective is about taking a stand: girls who stick together are stronger together.

Garage asked 5 girls hailing from Hawaii, North Carolina, Utah, Texas, and Montreal to join the first-ever Garage Collective to discuss why choosing collaboration over competition was important to them.  

Meet Mila, Dorothy, Ava, Kianna, and Marla as they get together to dish on what it takes to overcome insecurities, judgment, competition, and other challenges they face on a daily basis.

Kianna, 17, Texas

“Girls should support each other because they know how it feels to be brought down, so why would you give that feeling to someone else?”

Ava, 16, Hawaii

“I would say to other girls to just focus on yourself. Work on being the best that you can be instead of focusing on other people and how they are doing.”

Dorothy, 15, North Carolina

“I feel like there are expectations for girls to always look great and have a picture-perfect life on social media.”

Marla, 14, Utah

“We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves, we should just try to point out each other’s uniqueness in a good way instead of pointing out all the flaws.”

Mila, 20, Quebec

“It’s important to keep it real, to talk to each other and figure things out together.”

Watch the Garage Collective come together.