By Madeleine V

Our stores have just had a major (comfy) makeover and we can’t wait to show you how you can live and lounge during your next movie binge. It’s about to get comfortable, so follow along!

This is a movie marathon and like all marathons, it’s all about preparation. Your bed is a good base for your movie cave.

You can make a tent-like atmosphere by hanging some sheets from the ceiling. Pillows are a must: the more the merrier! And you can’t forget the blankets. Lastly, add those final personal touches and voilà!

Pro Tip: put your blankets in the dryer for added coziness.

Congrats, you just successfully made your dream blanket fort!

Banana Sandwiches

If you’re looking for something a little healthier, these peanut butter banana bites are perfect for you! Simply cut your banana into 2-inch chunks, then slice each one in half. Next, add peanut butter between both slices to make a sandwich.

Heat up some milk chocolate and dip your banana sandwiches in it. Lastly, stick these guys in the freezer to harden the chocolate. Yum!


Classics are always a go-to for movie night, and Clueless does not disappoint. Release your inner Cher Horowitz in a silky Satin-Trim Hoodie.

A pair of simple leggings keeps the focus on the top and makes this look perfect for a chill night in. You would never dress basic, not even on your alone time. Ugh, as if!

The Notebook

Let’s face it, sometimes we need to be reminded that love is real. The Notebook is the truest love story there ever was! I mean, if you’re a bird… I’m a bird, right?

A pair of Lounge Joggers gives you some room for when you need to reach for the tissue box, and a fun detailed tee is perfect for when the tears start to roll.

Mean Girls

Even if it’s not Wednesday, this look is all about pink. A delicate tank top resembles pretty much every look The Plastics’ wear, so don’t worry, you’ll fit right in.

You may not be allowed to sit with the girls because of your pair of Girlfriend Satin Stripe Joggers. But hey, sometimes comfort is all that matters. If you’re still bitter about it later, you can put it in the burn book.

Jurassic Park

Blanket forts don’t necessarily scream “mature young adult” so why not let your inner child make your movie choice?! Jurassic Park has it all: special effects, thrill, and wonder.

A soft pair of shorts gives you ample possibilities for activity; I mean, you wouldn’t want to be bogged down in a dino chase. This slashed sweater will help you fit into the pandemonium that is Jurassic Park… just make sure to keep your cool; this sweater doesn’t need any more rips in it.

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