By Madeleine V

It’s important to be aware of the current trends before you hit the mall for back to school. Graphic text is a current hit and for good reason: It adds tons of personality!

Simply find a piece with a phrase on it that speaks to you, and wear it with confidence!

Each season has a colour that becomes the IT colour. Our current colour crush is this Icy Lavender!

Wearing something in a trendy colour makes the rest of your outfit seem current and new!

Let’s face it, your jeans get a lot of love over the course of a year. Some jeans age and get better (those ripped jeans your mom complains about). While other pairs show their age in less cute ways (those faded black jeans that are more of a grey).

Baggier jeans like: Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Mom Jeans are definitely the way to go right now. Find yourself a pair that makes you feel like a million bucks, trust me the rest of your closet will thank you.

Much like your fav pair of jeans, your most-loved sweater could prob use a friend. Find something with some added detail: lacing, graphics or cute text to show some personality.                                                                                

Sweaters are great for all seasons so it’s definitely a good purchase, not too mention school’s can be super drafty!

Lastly spoil yourself and buy something you have had your eye on for a while: maybe it’s a new pair of white sneakers, or a fun backpack. Remember your style is a reflection of you. Why not show who you really are to the rest of the world!

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