A self-described fashion enthusiast, 19-year-old Bradi is the successful blogger behind Stylin Café. As of now Bradi’s insta boasts a whopping 86.9 followers! We had a quick Q&A session with Bradi on dream vacay destinations, hair hacks, and fave TV shows!

What is your best tip for creating an Insta-worthy photo?
Make it fun! Also, it’s very important to be unique on Instagram since there are so many posts out there, you want your followers to instantly know it’s yours. Whether it’s a certain filter or a certain type of post, make it your own and make it fun!

What is your dream vacation destination?
Hmm… Lately I’ve been dying to visit Boston. I’ve never been there but the photos of it look magical! That would be my practical dream vacation. An impractical one would probably be Paris or Amsterdam!

Do you have a fave hair hack?
Bendy roller/curlers overnight! I have been using this product for years and I cannot believe how much time they save me curling my hair. I use them practically every night!

Bradi Stylin Cafe

Any room deco obsession (Polaroid walls, plants, etc.)?
Oh my goodness I love those tassel banners that you can DIY! They’re honestly the cutest things and you can make them yourself so easily. I also love any type of polaroid wall decor, and fairy lights are a must!

Favorite TV show?
The Office is my all time favorite TV show, but I’m also a huge fan of Big Brother!

Bradi Stylin Cafe

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