Serayah made a name for herself in her first acting role as the diva Tiano on the hit show Empire. The California native has since set out on a singing career and become a member of Taylor Swift’s girl squad. This girl is a mega-babe destined for stardom. Here is everything you need to know about the up-and-comer and this week’s girl crush, Serayah.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Serayah

On her move into music

Serayah might have a glam life as a Hollywood actress now but that doesn’t mean she’s about to stop. She’s moving forward in her career and is becoming a solo artist. She describes her music as rhythmic pop and is already working with producer Timbaland. Taylor Swift has even given Serayah a lot of advice since she started going into the studio. Serayah says, “She has reminded and encouraged me to stay true to how I see myself and how I want to convey myself in my music career, and to stick to that as I move forward with recording.”

On women empowerment in the industry

Speaking of Taylor Swifts support, Serayah is a big fan of the shift towards female empowerment in the music industry. “Women are empowering each other and pushing each other in the right ways more than ever.”

Bad Blood

On joining Taylor Swift’s girl squad

You might recognize Serayah in Taylor Swift’s legendary music video for “Bad Blood”. She played the character Dilemma and was seen putting a dent into a brick wall with just the punch of a fist. Seriously badass. Serayah hadn’t met Taylor before the shoot but Taylor put a lot of effort into making sure they were friends so it didn’t even feel like work. Serayah says, “All the girls in the video are really humble and sweet, from pop star to rock star to super mega actress to super mega model.”

On being friends with Taylor Swift

Serayah tells the story of when she was at Tay’s house with some of the other girls getting ready to go out. Serayah only had a nude lipstick with her and Taylor was like, “There’s this really cute NARS red lip pencil that I use. Just keep it!” Now whenever Serayah wears that color she says people stop her and tell her how good she looks. Taylor sounds like the ultimate BFF. They’re so close that Tay even brought Serayah on tour with her.

On wearing her hair natural

She didn’t really think about it until the first episode of Empire aired and everyone started talking about it. “I’ve seen a lot of people with curly, big hair, but I guess it really doesn’t exist on TV for African-American women. Being a part of it is really important because it does represent something bigger than I thought – how people perceive celebrities and then how young black girls perceive black actresses. Everything they like about these celebrities is that the actresses are being themselves. I think that’s the biggest message of it all.”

On her style

Serayah is a denim queen. She’s a total chill girl and likes jeans because they’re easy to just throw on and go.


On her love of video games

Just because shes in the spotlight don’t think Serayah is about to give up her favorite hobbies. This girl is a major zombie-game lover and loves Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies. She jokes, “For the record, there are two camps in this world: people who love Zombies and people who love vampires. I’m 100% zombie.”

On sports

Her hobbies go beyond video games. Serayah has played basketball since she was 8 years old and even though she’s always the smallest person on the court, she was the captain of her high school basketball team. She still plays and uses it as one of her go-to gym workouts. “It’s all glitz and glam now, so to go sweat it out, it’s great to get back in the zone.”

On the most attractive qualities in a person

“Sense of humor and being yourself. Done deal.”

On her favorite snack

“Oreos and milk.”