Win your fave new outift (Psst: Find all the giveaway deets at the end of this post! ?)

After a search that spanned several weeks and hundreds of participants, our Feels collab finalists have been officially selected! Not only did they get the chance to pick their fave outfits from our spring collection, but they also rocked them for our collabs on Insta. If you don’t already, follow us for more amazing pics and some serious spring outfit inspo! ?

Without further ado, meet Bradi, Marina, and Mia! ? ? ?

Bradi @stylincafe
A self-described fashion enthusiast, 19-year-old Bradi is the successful blogger behind “Stylin Café”.

Bradi's collab with Garage

Marina @marinafombe
Dividing her time between San Sebastián and New Albany, Marina clearly loves to travel! Milan, Paris, Madrid, Marina is major travel goals!

Marina's collab with Garage Clothing

Mia @miagryniuk
By the looks of her Instagram, Mia is all about the outdoors! Horseback riding, sailing, football games with the BFF, she’s conquered it all!

Mia's collab with Garage Clothing

PS: Stay tuned for one-on-one Q&As with Mia, Bradi, and Marina and hear what they have to say about photography tips, their favourite Insta accounts, music, and more! ?


So here’s the amazing part: one of these outfits could be yours if you enter our giveaway! ?

All you need to do is:

1. Pick your fave outfit out of the three pics above.
2. Fill out the form below and voilà!

The giveaway is now over!


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  • Bonoo Wahed

    I literally love all the outfits. I hope I win ❤️??

  • Rhwand Ismail

    Love you Garage!!! You guys are the best and actually make sure that your customers love the products you sell, keep up the great work!!??

  • gurveer gill

    Yay! So excited to know the winner, hopefully I win?

  • Tara Angeline Plexman

    I Would LOVE To Win Outfit C. Wow that would be AMAZING. I LOVE CLOTHES and would look GREAT in that one I Picked. Thank you Good Luck Good Luck.

  • MissyPomPom

    Ohmygosh! These outfits are so cute i would love to have them all but outfit C really represents how i style. Hopefully i would win and goodluck girls 🙂 merci!

  • Allyson Werner

    Having an issue… Again…

  • Smellyrules 101

    I really love outfit B I hope I win it!

  • Kulwinder

    I love every outfit! They look so cute on those girls. Good luck to everyone who entered!

  • Milly Biscardi Voskanyan

    I love these outfits! Thank you!

  • Hayley

    I love outfit A so much! It’s so nice and perfect for spring time. I don’t really have that much clothes for spring, so I hope to win! 🙂

  • Angela Mason

    Liking all of them but know the first one would look best on me. Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity and enjoy your week!

  • Kaitlin Walashek

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I hope I win outfit C, I love Garage clothing!

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  • Sogand Tavakoli

    I love outfit B!!!!! #fingerscrossed ❤❤❤??????

  • Elena

    I am literally in love with all of the outfits! Hope I will win! Love garage xxx❤

  • Gabrielle Graves

    Love outfit A it’s pure ?. The cute pink color is perfect for spring ???.

  • Carol Ann Westbrook

    Stylish and affordable clothing anyone would love to wear.

  • Rayna Antoine

    I love all your clothes, #1 store to shop at to get the cutest and sexiest clothes ♥♥

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  • Ronna Judit

    I want to win but i’m from Philippines but i have plenty of Garage outfita because my parents bought it from Jeddah&Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

  • billiondollarprincesss

    still not able to enter. I pick outfit A. pls enter me.

  • Willow Baker

    I absolutely love the colour of the shirt in outfit A. I would love to win, fingers crossed.??

    • Kulwinder

      Good luck!

  • Jessica Herring

    Awesome! I like Marina outfit the best!

  • chloe102

    I really like Mia’s outfit!

  • Marielynnk

    Hi I really loved all of the outfits but my favorite on is the last one hope I win 💗