‘Tis the season to Love the Moment! Here’s a sneak peek at our new campaign.

Our models and crew had a blast in the beautiful but breezy Alaska. They kept warm by drinking way too much hot chocolate and cozying up by the bonfire. Being wrapped up in our new collection of jackets might have helped too! We had lots of rain on the first day and had to buy rain boots for the whole crew to survive. We ended the night with delicious crab for dinner (they are known for the best crab in the world!). The sunset was at 11 pm so let’s just say it was hard to fall asleep the first night! It was a blast and we had so much fun with the crew and models!

Check out the full collection!

The contest is now closed.

behind the scenes - garage holiday 2016

behind the scenes - garage holiday 2016

behind the scenes - garage holiday 2016

behind the scenes - garage holiday 2016

behind the scenes - garage holiday 2016

behind the scenes - garage holiday 2016

behind the scenes - garage holiday 2016

behind the scenes – garage holiday 2016

  • Olivia Fouquet

    Love the new collection and the photography is well done ?

  • susansmoaks

    i love the snowproof parka. it would keep me warm in the colorado winters.

  • Kaitlyn Kilburn

    Love love love this style, would love to be cozy and warm this winter like the models in Alaska!

  • Maria

    I didn’t know about this store until a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m completely in love with it. I go a couple of times every month to a store nearby to buy something and now I have so many clothes from here. I’m so excited for this new collection!

  • Dilek Emeksiz

    Love the collection and photos! Recently discovered this brand, and it’s already one of my top favorite places to shop! Cute & stylish! ?

  • Ju Ju

    These Pictures are beautiful. Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves.

  • Julie Pollock

    My daughters are going Crazy about your new collection! Super comfy and warm with no compromise on the style! #GarageClothing #win

  • Katie Regis

    I’m really hoping to take a trip to Alaska soon, these beautiful pictures motivate me that much more to go. I would love one of these warm parkas to keep me warm on this excursion, and during the chilly season here in Ottawa.

  • Sam

    As a theatre student, a good relationship between crew and models makes my little heart sing <3

  • Lt

    i love them tyles thank you for the chance!

  • Mary Ann

    I love the lighting in those gorgeous shots! Sounds like a fun campaign trip to Alaska! The jacket collection looks so trendy and stylish!

  • Jessie Jones

    So excited to check out the new selection 🙂 So many cute and cozy clothes for the winter!

  • Rufina Mil

    Love the urban parka!

  • Morgan

    I absolutely love the Garage clothing line. Always have & always will. The shots are absolutely beautiful, I dabble in photography myself so I appreciate these so much. The campaign itself is so stunning, so well shot. The clothes are always comfortable, made to last material & your clothes will always be my go to.

  • fallgirl

    WOnderful;….love the clothing…so nice .

  • Christine Baoukian

    I want everything in this shoot their so nice!!

  • Barbara Lima

    I would love the Puff Parka!

  • Khadija

    Absolutely loved reading this blog! One of my favourites! Really excited for what’s coming my way from garage! Loving my new cozy sweaters!!! Keep it up!!

  • Casey ❄️

    This post made me want to gather all the cozy sweaters, flannels and toques I can find and hit the woods with my besties! I can’t wait to visit my nearest Garage store and feel all these new, warm materials.

  • foureverandmore

    Loving everything about garage ?

  • retrophiliac

    I love the new collection and all the pictures you’ve used. So much warmth and the collection is really attractive!

  • Sophie Masse

    I absolutely adore this new collection! I went to Alaska with my family last summer and although it was chilly, I had my favorite garage jeans and sweaters to keep me warm! I can’t wait to try out the new sweater dresses in this collection and the jackets seem like they could go with just about anything! Love them! <3

  • Rachael Smith

    The urban parkas and bomber jackets are adorable!!!! Wish I wasn’t a broke college student…

  • Michelle Huynh

    I love the outfits they paired for the photoshoot and the location! Absolutely breathtaking

  • Trisha S

    I love the new warm and cozy collection from Garage this year! Garage is one of the top stores that I shop from and I love their quality of clothes. I’ve also been looking for a new coat and I definitely plan to get the bonded duffle coat! 🙂

  • Zhanae Sutherland

    All I can say is.. WOW! What beautiful scenery and clothes. These photos make me want to head to the nearest Garage store and pick up something!

  • Sara Dawn Lavigne

    I love the simplicity of this line. It speaks to me <3

  • Ashton Porter

    Alaska’s always been on my bucket list.. I love mountains and crisp, cold weather. Can’t wait for tobogganing and hot chocolate this winter!!

  • Jesse Dana ⚓️

    That looks like such a fun adventure! I’d love to be able to do something like that with my friends! The new collection looks so cosy; Those knit sweaters just scream “HOT CHOCOLATE!” After seeing the new collection, I am so excited for this upcoming season!!

  • Nicole Wc

    I love warm & cozy sweaters!

  • Mallory Gratton

    I can’t wait to add many of these items to my closet! The sceneries of Alaska are beautiful 🙂

  • angela

    so many sweaters I love and need I’ll be shopping soon. The jacket I would love to win would be the

    The Snowproof Parka in Black size small

  • Arianka

    This post reminded me of the beauty of unwinding in the countryside. It makes me want to grab a couple of friends, cozy sweaters and blankets and hit the great outdoors. Very excited for this cozy collection to hit my nearest Garage store soon!

  • cindylee

    I love cozy warm sweaters ,, their all so nice,,I want one of each

  • Marissa McDougall

    The new collection is absuletly stunning! This post just makes me want to bundle up and go outdoors in style. ☺️?☺️

  • KaySignature

    I love Garage they never cease to disappoint with each collection

  • Chelsey S

    I love this! Such beautiful scener! Cute clothes! Keep it up Garage! ♡

  • Chelsey S

    Beautiful scenery! Cute clothes! Keep it up Garage! ♡

  • Destiny Gardiner

    Moved to Canda Last Year from the Bahamas went to Garage just to get a scarf and fell in Love with the entire store. I buy at least one thing from garage every two week. This collection is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to add it to my ever growing Garage collection

  • Natalya Staritskaya

    Oh dear, this makes me miss home so bad. Comfy, warm, feminine sweaters, boots and jeans on a lake <3

  • Haylee

    Super cute!! Wishing I had the money to afford them aha

  • stephanie joseph

    i love love everything I see!!

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  • Jessica Samiri

    The new campaign pictures taken in Alaska are just beautiful. The breathtaking nature simply complements the cozy looking and warm cable knit sweaters/ hoodies. It looks stylish and fun! I’m a new customer of Garage clothing, and I just love how comfortable and soft the clothes are. Of very high quality and look very fab! Of course I want to purchase clothes that represent who I am, and Garage is just my go-to brand which share my style. Can’t wait to spend my first winter in Toronto with Garage comfy clothings!

  • Amanda Patterson

    I am totally in need of a new jacket! I LOVE the perfect parka in the collection! Thanks so much!

  • Jessie Robins

    I love this collection and I’m so excited to see what else garage is going to suprise us with in the future!! Great down to earth collection and beautiful scenery ?

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    I’ve always imagined living somewhere up north where nature is imposing and beautiful, and I’d want to live that way in all these comfy sweaters! Especially that pink plush hoodie?

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    Love the style and winter vibes, without using literals like snow. The collection is so cozy and I can’t wait to buy it all!!

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    Love these cozy winter looks! Makes the snowy season not-so-dreadful..

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    Love the green colour in the Urban Parka, and that all the looks look warm and practical.

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    I absolutely love the collection! Winter’s around the corner:( but i can wait to try on the jackets and cozy sweaters! I need them all? Espeicially the urban jacket and soft sweater??

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    All these colours are amazing. They would make the winter season feel and look amazing

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    So excited!! All looks awesome!!

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    These new releases are so fab! It simply shows sophistication of the brand! More power Garage Clothing!

  • Hannah

    This looks like the perfect fall getaway! My friends and I all love Garage because we literally love every piece of clothing they have, especially the sweaters. It’s sweater weather!!! We’re probably gonna blow all my money here anyway, let’s be real #SweaterWeather

  • DanaQueen

    What a beautiful back drop for your photo shoot! I can picture myself in the fresh air outdoors, wrapped up and warm in the Snowproof Parka from Garage. Bring on the cold weather with a fun and flirty chunky beanie and cable knit scarf!

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    I love this collection, especially the bombers!!! And it looks so perfect!!!! ❤️❤️

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    Love the bombers, they really compliment any outfit. Love pairing it with jeans and a cute midi ribbed tank. ?

  • I Would LOVE the Snow Proof Parka! I love everything about it, and I’m in need of a new winter coat. I only have one and it’s too small now.

  • Claire Yiyi Zhang

    I think the knit sweater is just best

  • theponyhalf~

    I love the autumnal colours of the new parka & jacket line. Gorgeous!

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    I am absolutely in shook with the new collection, i’m obsessed and want all of it. I especially love the sweaters and all of the jackets look perfect. The girls in the shoot are all flawless and make Alaska look even more beautiful than it already is.

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    I absolutely LOVE the cute and cozy sweater dresses and jackets. I live in Canada so I will definitely be needing those!!

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    Omg! I LOVE the cozy fall looks! They’re fashionable and comfortable, and as a Canadian, it would be great to have. I especially love the cable knit or the shoulder cutout sweaters; great for the cool weather here in Canada! <3

  • kimberli delgado

    The sweaters and jackets looks so CUTE ❤️! Can’t wait for the new arrivals !

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  • Joanne Mae Lagazo

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    I love the pictures so much! They look so stunning and I can tell by their faces they liked Alaska! I hope I win!

  • Maria Katie
  • Cierra DeCicco

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  • Jessica Brown

    These pictures are all stunning and the clothing makes me and all the insiders love Garage even more. The pictures not only express feeling, love, friends, and style, but they show how Garage and the models who work so hard to promote it that everyone can have fun and feel comfortable and just great at the same time wearing garage clothing! 🙂

  • Marlene

    This look book is perfect for the fall because it shows the different ways of styling clothes. I personally get my inspiration from seeing how other people dress. I will definitely be buying the knit sweaters to pair with my combat bat boots and a pair of black high wasted ripped jeans from garage

  • megan c

    I have been looking for some sweaters/jackets for winter here in Canada and one these would be perfect <3 I have been looking for a less expensive one, and if I could get one of these through the contest, it would really help 🙂

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    these pictures are amazing and the ladies in them perfectly show how great quality and cute the clothing is! if i had all the money in the word i’d spend it all on garage clothing, when you wear any item from this store your surrounded by a bubble of confidence and people of all kinds compliment you and ask you where you got the cute outfit and i’m proud to say “garage!”. these ladies sure do an amazing job at promoting how cute, affordable and amazing these winter items are. everything is just so cute and i wish i could buy it all! i am proud to be a garage insider and give my opinion on all item she of clothing and give people my opinion! i hope i win!

  • sophie

    I love garage clothing! The style is so 90s throwback and i love it! Cant wait to see what is in for there holiday collection!

  • Kathleen Hall

    Great pictures! Pllllllllease bring back ribbed racer back tanks! LOVE them! Love the new collection! Keep it coming ??

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    Garage clothing gives me life ❤️, their shirts, sweaters , sweat pants , jackets &etc are so warm. The materials that are used keep me so cozy ! The type of style that are presented by the models adorable. Garage is the only store I would go to shop at because their clothing is so comfortable and affordable.

  • Tina F

    wow love the Garage clothing and have so many pieces . LOVE the new sweaters and the jackets. So cute.

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  • K.J.

    I love garage clothing! It’s always good quality and fits me well as I tend to wear an extra small or an extra extra small and tall.

  • Thu Vo

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  • andrea ratsos

    LOVE!! Garage has some of the best collections! The Alaska photos are gorgeous. Hopefully I can take a trip there some day.

  • Colleen Dias

    I suddenly have the urge to go on a shopping spree at garage, put all of my new garage clothes into a suitcase, and hop on the next plane to Alaska! The collection and scenery are absolutely breathtaking ♡

  • starrysky8

    Love love LOVE the direction Garage’s style and clothing has been moving these past few years. I absolutely love Garage’s heritage-inspired fall and winter items like their flannels and plaids, jacquard/fairisle sweaters, bomber jackets, and hoodies with the cute retro prints on them (like the downhill ski one). When I was a teenager back in the mid-2000’s, Garage’s style was completely different and I didn’t shop at the store at all. Now I’m a Garage junkie! It has seriously become my #1 store, as I love their down-to-earth, heritage/outdoorsy fall and winter style, as that’s exactly what I look for in clothing 🙂 Especially their plaids haha. They have everything a person needs for their fall and winter wardrobe. Whoever is in charge at Garage now is doing an awesome job – kudos! I am also loving the rustic/cottage feeling of these past few fall/winter collections — an essence that is so well captured, reinforced, and reflected by the fact that you guys traveling up to wild and beautiful Alaska to shoot pics for your new collection. It’s also really nice to see all the models smiling more this year in the product pics 🙂 Loving your cozy, outdoorsy fall feel Garage! Keep it up!

  • I love Garage clothing! It fits so well, and it’s ALWAYS comfortable (which is super important as a mom of three!).

  • Kenzie Brochu

    I live the new winter collection! The jackets look so nice and warm and I look forward to hopefully seeing some Christmas sweaters or something as we get closer to that time of year!

  • Valerie Morgan

    All of the jackets are beautiful and I would so love to win one

  • Deanna Byrne-King

    All of the jackets are beautiful

  • ginette4

    The The Urban Parka would be perfect when I go visit my daughter in France in March

  • Vash

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  • Otaku

    The girls look like they are having so much Fun! And I’m loving the jackets! My favourite is the Urban Parka since it’s you know my style and all ? I think the pictures are very nice and make me want to actually visit the store!

  • Kimberley Hamilton

    Love the new parkas! So in right now and nice and cozy too! Can’t go wrong with the prices the fit, or the styles from Garage! Their leggings are awesome and so thick for winter too! Perfect to pair with your new parka!!!!

  • Lesh

    How fun looking. Love the sweaters. Alaska is on my bucket list, I would have never guessed that it was Alaska if I was looking at the ad.

  • Carol Robertson

    I love the sweaters and am glad to see that plaid is back!

  • YARA M.

    These photos are very inspiring! Very young and wild! Wow. I love garage clothing, they make me feel unique and young ! Would love to have a winter shopping spree.

  • Cheryl P

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  • Sandra Rankine

    Urban parka looks fabulous and I’d love to win one

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  • Mary Lumsden

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  • Irene Eichler

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  • Georgia Kelly

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  • pinkrosev

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  • Debbie Starkey

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  • Just what i need is a winter jacket, The snowproof parka is beautiful.

  • shaylene

    I love the urban parka(green) just beautiful! I also love the white sweater dress… would love to have either!

  • ligayateus

    Omgeeee! I want the bonded duffle coat! I need it! ???

  • Rose Grissom

    What a fun and exciting photo shoot…it would be great to have so many hours of daylight. Love the maroon coloured snowproof parka.

  • Ming Kwang

    Love the black Snowproof Parka

  • Breanna Marie

    I love the puff parka! Blue is my favorite colour and I love the side zips. They can be undone for ease of movement or zipped to be nice and cozy.

  • Alondra

    The urban and the snowproof parka are my favorites! Looks so warm and cute ?

  • The navy puff parka !! 🙂

  • Anne Brewster

    Loved them all but especially the shop roof parka in Burgundy. Looks so cozy!

  • Paige Marois

    I woul be great to be warm outside like these beautiful ladies

  • Rea

    I’m an exchange student from Germany and I love this store so much and the clothing is so pretty and cute and I’m so sad we don’t have the store in Germany ???

  • Jenn B

    Looks like a fun photo shoot! I’d love to win a parka for my niece. That would make me the best aunt for sure! She loves our shopping trips when she can pick out whatever she wants, without worrying about “mom and dad saying no” 🙂

  • Stephanie La Plante

    I would love the The Urban Parka. Looks so warm and cozy.

  • Melody Nguyen

    Cute photoshoot! I love the look of the Urban Parka! 🙂

  • Missycat11

    I love the urban Parka. something I could really use as we are moving to a place with a colder climate.

  • diannearsenaul

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  • Fareen Karim

    I beautiful place for a photoshoot in cute clothes! Love the idea!! ☺️??


    my favorite parka…rust colour

  • Avery Armstrong

    I’m obsessed with garage’s “that cottage life” collection! I could spend hours looking at the urban parka?. I’m absolutely not a morning person when it’s cold out (so everyday here) so that parka would hopefully make it warmer! If garage is reading this, bye ??

  • Annabelle Schmitt

    Awh this looks like it was so fun! Love that Garage is encouraging us to take a look behind the scenes ^_^ Seriously loving the coat collection, so in style but also so wearable!

  • Sophie

    this makes me wanna go to Alaska lmao

  • Deborah Chan

    Great giveaway! Could really use a new jacket! Thanks for the chance.

  • Nancy Churchill

    great location!

  • Bonnie Morrison

    Garage clothing screams youth! My teen daughter is a big fan and loves their styles. I would love to surprise her with a cool new jacket! Thank you for having this contest and good luck everyone!

  • I love the Puff Parka in teal.

  • Shirley OFlynn

    I love the Puff Parka in navy.

  • mc

    love the Puff Parka. It look lightweight but warm.

  • Harkirat Dhaliwal

    love the bomber jacket. you can mix and match it with almost eveyrhting

  • Deanna

    I love the Snowproof parka. It would be perfect for our cold winters and could easily be dressed up or down. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Laura Allen

    Alaska looks amazing! I love the Urban parka, it looks so cozy.

  • rosehaven

    love them all but if I had to pick it would be The Urban Parka

  • charita goyal

    I love the bomber jacket in green! its perfect to layer over. so cute!!

  • Christina Rayment

    The Snowproof Parka is cute! I’m in need of a nice parka with a hood. First year living away from home and doing laundry, and no one ever told me you can’t put faux fur in the dryer… Ruined my winter coat and this one would be a nice replacement!

    • Sarah Marciano

      Hi Christina, You are the lucky winner! Please email us at [email protected] to claim your prize :). Thank you!

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I love the Snowproof parka.It could be used for recess duty but then I could go off to a meeting too. TY <3 xoxo

  • Julie

    I love The Urban Parka in Green

  • Megan

    The Bonded Duffle Coat is very cute! It looks very comfy and cozy. Love the colour, the hood and the clasps. Great giveaway!

  • Theresa Jones

    I’m loving the classic styling of The Bonded Duffle Coat

  • shirley li

    wow, love the different styles esp. the snowproof one!

  • chchachii

    The snowproof parka looks very warm, and without the use of any animal materials!

  • dewinner

    I love the The Urban Parka in Oak (Doris C)

  • Rebekah Carlton

    The urban parka looks warm and stylish!

  • Rebekah

    The Urban Parka looks warm and stylish!

  • Sophia

    I love all of these styles! My favourite has to be the Trooper Jacket in Athletic Green. It just looks so awesome and super warm and comfy!

  • Castleville Kelly

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  • Theresa A.

    I really like The Urban Parka.

  • Marina

    WOW!! Everyone looks like there having a blast! I can only imaginge. I wish I could be a model like these girls! All I can say on the jackets, is that there’s incredbly durable, super light, and waterproof makes everything worth it! The Urban Parka is my favourite!

  • Carmen Lee

    The puff parka looks amazingly comfy?

  • Carole Dube

    I really love The Urban Parka.

  • teeslee

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  • Jenya Orzhekhovska

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