Elle Fanning is definitely not new to the spotlight, growing up next to her sister Dakota Fanning. Now she was handpicked to star in the new Legendary Style campaign for Tiffany & Co. Let’s get to know Elle and see how she rose to stardom at such a young age.

10 things you didn’t know about Elle Fanning

On her full name

Elle is actually her middle name! Her full name is Mary Elle Fanning. Her sister Dakota also dropped her first name, Hannah, for the stage. Apparently it runs in the family; their mom doesn’t go by her first name either.

On her acting debut

Elle had her on screen debut in “I Am Sam”, playing the younger version of her older sister’s character Lucy. The director said that they were such naturals on set, not afraid of anything. How cute are they!

Elle Fanning - Garage Clothing

On her family of superstars

Not only is her sister also a famous actress, but her parents are also pretty impressive. Her dad played on a minor baseball team, her mother went to university on a tennis scholarship, and her grandfather was a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles for three years.

On being a real-life princess

Researchers found that Dakota and Elle Fanning are granddaughters of England’s King Edward III (22nd great-granddaughters to be exact) who ruled for 50 years from 1330 to 1376. And they’re are also distant cousins to Kate Middleton. Middleton’s mother is also a granddaughter of King Edward III. I guess that makes the Fanning girls long-lost princesses!

On her new film

“The Neon Demons” was released this past June and is absolutely breathtaking. Elle plays a wannabe model and it explores the horrors of trying to make it in LA. This is definitely not an easy film to watch.

Elle Fanning - Garage Clothing

On her true love

Believe it or not, acting is not her true love, ballet is. She prefers to spend her time dancing. She would love to do it professionally but realized that it is not an easy career path to pursue.

On Tiffany & Co.

Starring along Lupita Nyong’o and models Natalie Westling and Christy Turnington, this is the first time Tiffany & Co. has ever used celebrities in a campaign, handpicked by fashion legend Grace Coddington. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.

On school

Elle just graduated from high school and said it was an amazing experience. She was home schooled until grade 3 when she begged her mom to attend school.

On dressing like Elle

Elle has many things right, and style is no exception. From workout outfit to a night out style, she is always on point.

Elle Fanning - Garage Clothing

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