Our Music Monday tracks set the mood for your week with the freshest soundtrack of new music.

Milk & Bone – Natalie
Montréal-based Milk & Bone present their new song “Natalie”, the theme song for Daniel Grou’s aka Podz’s film King Dave.

Hazel English – Never Going Home
Australia’s Hazel English’s debut EP is due out on October 7 on House Anxiety/Marathon Artists and it’s lead by her beach-pop single “Never Going Home”.

Graves – No Sunshine
Graves, aka Hawaii-based DJ and Grammy Award-winning producer, comes up with a really clever and really good remix of Bill Withers’ hit, “No Sunshine”

Forth Wanderers – Slop
Forth Wanderers are five friends from Montclair, New Jersey. “Slop” is off of their upcoming EP set for release this fall on Father/Daughter Records and it’s a classic high school rock anthem. After all, lead singer Ava Trilling only just graduated high school this past June!

Jared Cole – I’ll Be Good
21-year-old Jared Cole’s new and only track on his SoundCloud is set to reach 1 million plays.

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