Hailee Steinfeld is the new triple threat in the entertainment industry. She has a stacked resume starting with commercials and short films, feature films including the Academy Award-nominated “True Grit”, modelling, and as of last year she has added singing to the list. Her hit “Love Myself” reached #24 in the charts and was the most shared song on Twitter. She’s now on tour with Megan Trainor so find out if she’s coming to a town near you!

Here are 10 things you need to know about Hailee Steinfeld


On her family

Her mother is part-Filipino and of European-American and African-American descent, while her dad is Jewish. Her brother Griffin is a Nascar driver and isn’t too bad looking himself!

On her height

She has always been tall for her age and because of that she pushes for the more mature roles, playing characters that are older than she is. At 12 she played a 15-year-old.

Hailee Steinfeld

On her acting debut

She was inspired by her cousin True O’Brien to start acting in commercials and short films at age 8. She even starred in a K-Mart blingatude commercial. Her big break came when she scored the role of Mattie Ross in “True Grit” at age 13.

On getting the part

This was her first major role in a feature film and she was nominated for best supporting actress. She was chosen out of fifteen thousand girls and had never seen a Coen Brother film before, and ended up starring alongside hotshots Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges. When going into an audition, she always tries to get into character, and she makes music playlists to get into character for every movie she makes. “Music is a very big part of my preparation as an actor”.

On raising money for charity

While on the set filming “True Grit”, Hailee charged her co-stars for cursing; $5 for the F word, and $1 for any other swear word. To make things fair, her co-stars charged her 50 cents for saying “like”. In total they raised $350 for an Alzheimer’s Foundation.

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On being home-schooled

Steinfeld began home-schooling after the success of “True Grit”, leaving school halfway through grade six. Though she had to begin the grade again, she raced through both the grade six and seven curricula before the end of that school year.

On her modeling career

Hailee has some modelling under her belt. At 14 she starred in a Miu Miu campaign (the youngest ever to get the job). The campaign was later banned in the UK for suggesting thoughts of suicide to impressionable youth. It was said to be “irresponsible” for “showing a child in a hazardous or dangerous situation”. She also modelled for Nike, Guess Kids and Gap.

hailee steinfeld - Garage Clothing

On her singing career

Her first experience in the studio was for recording songs for “Pitch Perfect 2”. Her music debut was kickstarted when she was at a dinner party with Charlie Walk of Republic Records. They ended up sitting next to each other and talking all night about how she really wanted to make music. Finally he said to play him a song, and they were rocking out the rest of the night.

On her EP “Haiz”

Haiz is actually a nickname given to her by her fans. She named the EP Haiz to make them feel as though they had a part in it.

On her future aspirations

She definitely wants to continue to grow in this field, hoping one day to be a film director and producer. She likes working behind the camera too.

hailee steinfeld - Garage Clothing