Alanna Arrington aka Model of the Moment, is only 17 years old but is blowing up across the fashion industry. Originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she is just trying to get used to all this newfound fame.

Let’s get to know Alanna Arrington


On her start

Scouted at just 14 years old for an open call her mother agency had in her hometown, she went with a few friends because they figured they were tall! She says that she was super shy.

On newfound fame

She says it definitely takes some getting used to. “It’s crazy having so many people follow what I do and recognize my hard work. It makes what I do so much better.” But Alanna isn’t letting the newfound attention go to her head: “Staying grounded is the easiest part,” she muses. “I was raised to always appreciate everything given to me and to never let my ego get too big. I also make sure I stay constantly surrounded by people that keep me very level-headed and humble.”

On being herself

She says its really important that her fans know who she is on social media. She loves to show the goofy side to her. That’s where she expresses herself. She wants the people that follow her to know who she is. Alanna advises “always try to express your personality through a picture, whether it be a smile, a quirky face, or simply looking as fierce as possible!”

the playground is all fun & games until someone takes a tumble down the slide… that someone being me:)

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On staying healthy

Alanna cares about eating properly and exercising regularly to stay healthy. She credits playing basketball in high school to this balanced perspective on nutrition and exercise. She tries to walk everyday and when she does go to the gym, she likes to do yoga, abs, low intensity cardio, and always sits in the sauna to sweat out all the toxins. Her snack of choice is apple and peanut butter; its filling, healthy and sweet so it satisfies her sweet tooth.

On walking down the runway

Before walking down the runway she says she’s really nervous but when once the lights go out and she’s walking down, she is confident and knows she’s doing well that it doesn’t even faze you. She sees the camera at the end of path and just walks towards it. She says her mind goes somewhere else.

On her runway debut

Alanna made her runway debut for Fall 2016 looks last February, appearing in Diane Von Furstenberg’s star-studded runway-slash-dance party, and walking for Lanvin, Céline, Mulberry, and Louis Vuitton. Even more impressive is that her first show was for BCBG and she closed the show. Two days later at her third show she was already opening for Altzurra. To put this into perspective, opening and closing shows are usually reserved for more seasoned models.

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On fashion

She wasn’t that interested in modelling before. Sometimes she would read Vogue and cut out the pictures of the models she knew and from that she started picking up on the fashion industry. Now she is amongst those she used to cut out, and meets them at events.

On school

She does school online now to graduate on time, but she has hopes to eventually to go to college.

On her haircut

It’s all about her new cut – it’s so edgy. Before her hair used to be really long. She said that she cut it a little bit more every week. To keep her hair looking bouncy and hydrated, she just uses Deva Curl.

thinkin’ that I like ya

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On alternative careers

Before she became a model, she thought about being a doctor or astronomer. She’s actually a huge nerd, really into science; astronomy, biology, and now more recently meteorology.

On what’s to come

I don’t think Alanna is going anywhere for a while. She says she wants to start working on stepping out of her comfort zone and growing as a model.