Summer is the perfect time for DIY activities. This summer it’s all about throwing it back to the 90s so why not make some DIY chokers? They don’t take long but they definitely give you an activity for the afternoon and an instant outfit booster when you’re done. If you’re not the creative type you can still rock the choker look with one of our chokers. Here are three DIY chokers and what we think they would look best with.

Velvet Choker

DIY Choker - Garage Clothing

How to make it: All you need is black velvet, a hoop ring and glue. If you’re feeling really fancy you can also order a clasp on Amazon, but this tutorial instructs you to tie it around your neck so it’s super fast to make. Check it out here or read this article for the full tutorial.

What to wear it with: A little dress would be super cute with this choker. Try this suede dress and wear your hair in a loose bun so the choker will highlight your eyes.

Wrap Choker

DIY Choker - Garage Clothing

How to make it: This one has similar requirements to the velvet choker except you need velvet cord as it’s thinner and easier to wrap. You should be able to get the colored tips at any craft store or on Amazon. Check it out in tan here or read this tutorial for all the details if you want it to make it.

What to wear it with: A romper in a color that accents your choker. If you go with black or brown, this romper would be a good move. Wear your hair in loose curls, bombshell style.

90s Choker With Pendant

DIY Choker - Garage Clothing

How to make it: These look super complicated but they’re actually really easy to make. All you need is magic string! Choose a super cool pendant to make your choker extra dope. Check it out here or watch this video to see a demo and try to make it yourself.

What to wear it with: Denim shorts, crop top and a plaid shirt tied around your waist. If you’re going to go 90s, might as well go all out! Match your pendant to your tee to complete the look.

  • Karen

    Choker necklace is just a must-have piece of jewelry every woman should have!