Since they formed in 2012, Montréal’s indie pop band darlings Motel Raphaël haven’t slowed down one bit. From national tours, festival appearances at Osheaga, SXSW and Canadian Music Week, and performances with Tegan and Sara, they’re definitely the next hit band to watch out for. The trio recently released their second album, System, this past April and following the success of their eponymous first single, we are proud to premiere the video for their newest release, the fantastic Like a Balloon!

On “Like a Balloon”

Like a Balloon is the second single after System and it showcases their voices and how beautiful the girls’ harmonize. You can’t help but sway along. It’s the perfect mix of slow, soulful, and upbeat dance vibes to lift any mood. This is truly a unique video that goes perfectly with the style of the band and their quirkiness.

On their new album System

Their second album was released in April and includes 14 joyful and up beat songs that are sure to get you dancing and feeling great. They have really grown since their last album, which dealt mainly with romance and boys. System deals with “hope, perseverance, retribution and passion”. Not only have their themes changed, but they also expanded their sound with different beats and rhythms. They’re definitely not just about finding a catchy chorus, their lyrics are well thought out to create “poppy-yet-complex” songs that anyone can enjoy.

motel raphael

On the Band

Clara Legault, Emily Skahan and Maya Malkin make up the three lead vocals and are the original members of the band. The super trendy girls already making a name for themselves and they’re only in their 20’s!

On how they got their name

The band name comes from the famous seedy motel in Montréal that burned down in 2011 and that was recently, and finally, demolished. The massive wooden sign from the legendary motel now lies mysteriously in one of the girl’s backyards. Be sure to check out our Girl Talk Interview with Motel Raphaël to find out how they chose their name. Watch the video below for the first time and give them some love by sharing it with your friends!

On Being from Montréal

Growing up in Montreal, they definitely embody the Montreal vibe. They have even come to be known as Montréal Sweethearts ♥!

Find out more about the band in by reading our Girl Talk interview.