If you think you’re taking great care of your hair, think again. There are many mistakes you’re making without even realizing it. We all want luscious hair worthy of a L’Oreal commercial, so use these summer hair tips to strengthen your locks and get a summer festival-worthy look.

8 Hair Tips for Healthier, Stronger Hair

Condition after dry shampoo

We get it, your hair gets greasier in the summer because of the humidity and let’s face it, you’re sweating a lot more. Most girls turn to dry shampoo, which is an awesome method for making your hair look clean without having to do a full shower. Except did you know that dry shampoo can cause damage to your hair if you don’t use conditioner as well? You wouldn’t use regular shampoo without conditioning after, so don’t do that with dry shampoo either. Get a dry conditioner to spritz on your ends every couple days. Replenishing your hair will keep it healthy and frizz free.

Give your hair a summer vacation

You’re on holidays and your hair should be too. Embrace summer styles like buns and braids so that you can avoid using excessive heat like hair straighteners. Your hair doesn’t like to be burned anymore than your skin does, and just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not causing damage. Give your hair a rest and choose hair styles that work with your natural texture.

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Going for natural solutions

Forget about using most of the products available at the pharmacy or even the more expensive ones you get at professional stores. They’re often overpriced and don’t make a difference, or they contain products which aren’t healthy for you. Go natural with products like coconut and macadamia nut oils. They have less chemicals which is better for you in the long run, and they also will leave your hair smelling delicious.

Use products sparingly

When the humidity wreaks havoc on your locks, you might get desperate and start piling in the products. This can actually have the opposite of the desired effect. Every girl who has ever overdone coconut oil knows what we’re talking about. Using too much can over-hydrate your hair, leaving it feeling brittle and looking dull. Go easy on these products for the best results.

Drink a lot of water

Have you ever noticed that the more water you drink, the more “good hair days” you have? Water keeps your hair hydrated naturally so it looks bouncy and naturally fresh. While drinks like Vitamin Water might seem like a good idea, make sure you’re really focused on drinking actual pure water. Your body doesn’t process juices the same way it does water, and in the heat you need the real stuff. So save the lemonade for later and get a cold glass of water now.

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Give your hair a good nights sleep

If you toss and turn in your sleep, this one is especially important for you. Waking up with knots in your hair will damage it because when you try to brush them out your hair is prone to breakage. Before you go to bed, tie your hair up in a very loose bun at the top of your head so that it can stay happy while you sleep.

Protect your hair from the sun

Believe it or not, your hair needs sun protection as much as the rest of your body does. Be fashionable and smart by wearing a big hat to protect your head from the sun’s rays. The sun dries out your hair and if you color it you risk losing the color from too much sun exposure. When you can, lounge under the shade for better protection.

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Give your hair the love it needs

Think about your hair as a plant, you need to prune it to keep it healthy. Even if you’re trying to grow out your hair , snipping off the ends will help it grow faster because otherwise it breaks and becomes shorter. There’s a fine line here between how much to cut – some stylists will over trim so that your hair just gets shorter and shorter. Find someone who will take off teeny amounts, just enough to keep it healthy. Or if you’re bold enough get some hair scissors and start doing it yourself.