Dying your hair is a great way to get a serious makeover and it can be totally liberating – or a complete disaster. With so many different colours to choose from, finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. But don’t worry because we have the tips and tricks on how to match your hair colour to your skin tone. We want to help you avoid, or at least minimize, the outcomes of choosing the wrong colour for your hair.

Here are some things to consider when matching your hair colour to your skin tone:


How big of a change do you want?

First thing you have to decide is how big of a change you want. If you just want to change your look up a bit, it’s safe to go for either a shade or two darker or lighter than your natural hair colour. Anything more than that gets a little more tricky. If you’re up for a bigger change, keep on reading!

How to Match Your Hair Colour to Your Skin Tone - Garage Clothing

Choose the colour based off of your complexion:

Light Skinned – medium brown/brown with red tones. If you already have dark hair, try out a darker shade, but if your hair is naturally light then watch out or the dark hair can wash you out.

Medium Skin – medium brown, like caramel. Be careful of going too neutral or you could look washed out.

Dark Skin – dark shades like espresso. Be careful with shades that are more than two shades lighter than your natural colour. If you’re feeling really bold, you could also try to go totally blonde like Beyoncé.


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What shade is right for you?

If you think it’s all about colour, be prepared to be totally overwhelmed by all the different shades of each colour you have to choose from. The trick to deciding what shade to use is by matching your new hair shade with your skin tone.

To figure out what skin tone you have, check the veins on your wrist. Generally the opposite hair shade looks best on you. For example:

– If your veins are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone and you should go for a warm shade.
– If your veins are more green, you have a warm skin tone and should go for a cool shade.

How to Match Your Hair Colour to Your Skin Tone - Garage Clothing

When to dye it at home

If you just want to experiment a little bit, try some semi-permanent dye at home. You could even do some bright and colourful strips for music festival season with a semi-permanent dye like Mani Panic.

If you’re going only one or two shades darker, you could probably try to do it at home. Anything darker can be risky but is still possible. You should probably have a friend put the dye in for you just to be sure you don’t end up with stripy hair or missed spots.

When to go to a professional

If you’re going lighter and bleaching your hair, definitely go to a salon. Doing it by yourself for the first time can be disastrous – your hair can get seriously damaged and even fall out! Now if you did it at home and made a mistake, don’t try to fix it by putting more dye over it. Go straight to a pro before any real damage is done.

How to Match Your Hair Colour to Your Skin Tone - Garage Clothing

How much up keep are you willing to do?

Dying your hair is just phase one. You now have to keep it looking fresh. If you’re going for a low key change like dying your hair a couple shades darker, it’ll be a lot less work than if you go for a drastic change like going from dark brown to blonde. If you’re going for a bright colour like a blue or pink, you should learn to love your roots. Keeping your hair all one colour when you have to bleach it every time is really damaging so don’t try to make it perfect all the time. Plus showing your roots can be edgy, so own it!

Have you tried to dye your own hair? How did it turn out? Leave us a comment below!