Summer is the season for shorts. Here are three awesome DIY denim shorts that are super easy and fast to make at home. Get ready to wow your friends and make a major fashion statement.

Patch it Up!

Fabric patches are a major trend this season and they’re also the easiest DIY denim shorts to pull off. Patches are a great way to add a little extra fun to your shorts and let your personality shine. Try them on our flirty or high waisted shorts. Patches coming soon!

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DIY Denim Shorts - Garage Clothing

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DIY Denim Shorts - Garage Clothing

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DIY Denim Shorts - Garage Clothing

How to wear it:
The fabric patches will give your DIY denim shorts a bold look, so when you’re choosing a top and accessories try to avoid patterns or anything that might make your outfit too overwhelming. Solid colored tees that match the patches are also a great way to go.

Distressed Denim

Distressed shorts are all the rave this summer. Instead of getting rid of your non-distressed denim from last summer, we have the tips to turn those into perfectly distressed shorts.

Grab yourself some fabric chalk, scissors, a needle, and tweezers. Try on your shorts and with the chalk, mark where you want to rip them. Take off the shorts and make a horizontal incision. Remember, the bigger the cut, the bigger the rip. Pull on the white threads to loosen them up, you can use the needle if necessary. Then use the tweezers to pull out all the vertical blue threads. Throw them in the wash and dryer for that authentic distressed look. For more: How to Distress Denim Yourself In 6 Easy Steps.

How to wear it:
Distressed jeans go with practically anything. They look great with a tank top and a crochet vest, like this outfit:

Lace Insert

Spice up an otherwise regular pair of denim shorts with a little bit of added lace. It’s pretty easy and you get great results! Be sure to match the color of the lace with the shorts. So if you want to add it to a darker pair of shorts, use black. If you want to add some lace to your white denim shorts, go for white lace.

All you need is two pieces of triangular shaped doily or lace, scissors, pins, and a needle and thread. Turn the shorts inside out and pin the lace to the shorts to line up with the bottom. Cut the shorts leaving a 1/2 to a 1/4 inch along the edge of the lace. With matching thread, sew the lace to the shorts until it’s secure. Repeat the same steps for the other side. Check it out: here” target=”_blank”>How to DIY 3 Extra-Cute Pairs of Cut-Off Shorts.

What to wear it with:
Lace adds a delicate look to your outfit so you don’t want to overpower it with a vibrant top. Keep it simple and calm, so pair it with either a white, or lightly colored top with a tighter fit.

DIY Denim Shorts - Garage Clothing
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More Ideas!

Check out this cool paint DIY from @grapefruitshandy on Instagram using a pair of Garage shorts!

DIY Denim Shorts - Garage Clothing