Last month we visited Los Angeles in between our 2016 fall campaign shoot and our first festival of the year, Coachella. As chance would have it, Ellysa Rose, one of our new favorite artists, was available so we jumped on the opportunity to meet her.

Originally from the Midwest, Ellysa Rose is an alternative-pop singer/songwriter currently based in California. Featuring intelligent storytelling and refreshingly calming yet powerful vocals, her compositions help up escape our natural comfort zone as we step into a world created from her own unique vibe.

Ellysa met us at our hotel in Koreatown and we chatted poolside for an hour about music, fashion, her fave emoji and more! She also answered Snapchat questions from fans who were more than excited to have the chance to talk to her – and get a shout out! Below are some of her answers followed by an edited video version of the interview. And as a special treat, Ellysa has provided us with a link to the preview of her new track “Happy Song”.

Describe your style in three words

(Edgy) retro bohemian.

What tunes are you currently blasting?

I’m obsessed with “Work” by Rihanna because it reallyyyyy pumps me up. “Hard to Concentrate” is an underrated Red Hot Chili Peppers song I just discovered that is amazing, and I will forever be blasting “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles!

Where do you get your musical inspiration?

I definitely draw from The Beatles’ music, careers, and lives… they completely changed the music industry, the structure of a song, it’s amazing. I want a career like that. For songwriting, all of my inspiration come from personal experiences. Whether it’s the injustices and double standards I see in the world for young girls (and those double standards that were held against me), or my battles with my own thoughts, it’s always about something I’ve gone through that has seriously impacted me.

3 makeup essentials

Highlighter is my JAM; I am in love with a good glow! “High Beam” by Benefit is my fav right now. I’m also in love with Dose of Colors matte liquid lipsticks in “stone” for a nude lip and “brick” for some edge! I also love my Jane Iredale Glow Time BB cream. I mix it with a little oil and it’s perfect for an everyday glow with great coverage too!

My worst habit is

Ooh… one thing I do is I ALWAYS harmonize when tunes come on the radio! I can’t help it! Sometimes my girls like it, but my brothers are always saying “Ellysa just sing the melody!” That said, I think the WORST habit I have that we all fall victim to sometimes is being way too hard on myself. I’m a perfectionist and sometimes that can turn into really terrible negative self talk. I say 5 things I love about myself when I catch myself being too hard on myself and it really helps!

Most-used emoji

Technically this isn’t an actual emoji but I use it ALL THE TIME: ♡

A fashion trend I don’t get

I think fashion is personal expression so there’s no way to go wrong at all. For me, though, I’m not a huge fan of the “all basics all the time” clothing lines. I think clothing should speak to who you are! And girls, you are anything BUT basic! ♡

It’s a girl’s first time in California. I immediately send her to…

The city girl in me will immediately send her to The Grove because it is shopping heaven! If they’re looking for a cool nature spot, I’m obsessed with the Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita, and they’re only about 45 mins from LA!

My musical icons are

The Beatles. Hands. Freaking. Down. If we’re talking current artists though, definitely Jessie J. Her vocals are always out of this world, she carries herself with grace and class, and most importantly, she’s always vulnerable and open in her performances. That’s what I always strive to be; open, honest, and vulnerable.

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