Do you ❤️ Justin Bieber? Because we sure do!

Whether you tried to purchase tickets and it was sold out or simply couldn’t afford tickets, we’re giving you one more chance to see Justin Bieber! We’ve partnered with Q102 and iHeartRadio to give two lucky fans tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert on May 8th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia!

This concert of a lifetime is pretty much sold out across the US so we can imagine how excited you are. Take your bestie, mom, boyfriend, grandma, that cute boy from French class; pretty much any Belieber of your choice. Oh and wait, you will also be receiving a $250 gift card each to shop at Garage (get your closet ready for summer!), $250 in spending money, travel to Philadelphia, PA and hotel accommodations. YAAAS!

This pretty much sums up the best weekend of your life so enter now!

  • Alyssa Marie

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love Garage any more right now???

  • Jess


  • angelina ❤️

    when garage is already one of my favourite stores they give me a chance to see my bae :))

  • Niah Wood

    I love garage and i hope i can see my idol

  • Niah Wood

    I love Garage and i hope i can see my idol

  • Shayna Hiddleston

    Entered and shared publicly. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • PMS

    Open the Garage door of fun!

  • Gianna Orozco

    I really hope I win , I’ve been supporting him since 09 but I never could afford to see him. this would be my first time but thank you for this opportunity

  • Olinda Bola

    Ive never gone to a Justin Bieber concert before because his tickets are way too expensive. 🙁 This would be the best birthday wish ever because its exactly 4 days after my birthday. I actually love him so much and would most likely cry if i ever got to see him. I might bawl my eyes out but of tears of joy. haha. 🙂

  • aalyah ribeiro

    This would honestly be the best gift today me and my friend walked into garage and I heard this ad on their radio which btw was LIT you guys play the best music and we were saying about how awesome it would be to win this and go shopping at a garage in Philly with her !!!! I usually am not lucky with these so I probably won’t win but maybe so why not enter ! good luck to everyone

  • Edmond Leung

    Holy Batman , biggest Bieber fan. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! I have always wanted to go see Philadelphia . I heard it is beautiful there. My childhood dream to see it since. It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. 🙁 Starving artist here desperately needs the trip to have fun and feel alive and inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  • Karen Howard

    This would be so cool to travel to Philly!

  • Angela Mason

    I’M In It 2 WIN IT !! Thank you kindly for the opportunity and have an AWESOME Day!!

  • Toni

    I’ve never gone to a Justin Bieber concert before because its way too expensive and a lot of the times I dont have a ride or anything, if I could win this I would literally be the happiest girl in the world and I’m sure my cousin would love to go with me for everything she’s done for me. Plus even just traveling would be an amazing experience? Cause I’ve never been on a plane or even out of state.. But yeah, I’d love to go! I doubt youll ever see this comment but thanks for giving everybody the chance

  • Maya “Juice” daSilva

    This would be amazing i have never been to a concert before!!!!

  • Skylar

    I would cry! I loved my Bae (Justin Bieber) since 2009. I would be happy if I did get the tickets because of how expensive his tickets are. But I love him a lot. ..

  • Carla Montejano

    Love you Justin(husband) you are the best!!! It would be a dream come true to attend your concert!! I have always been a belieber and always will be!! I❤️U!!!! God bless you on this great journey and the rest that come!!!!?❤️?

  • JCP

    LOVE garage AND Justin Bieber

  • Alex epperson

    It would mean the world to me if I got to see my idol and go to my first concert!! I’m a thirteen year old who has a fetish with this perfect human being!! I love garage and justin bieber is amazing. I’ve been a belieber since 2009 and I’ve never been able to go to one of his concerts. but I also can’t really afford them. so thank you so much for this opportunity? love you guys

  • Faith

    I really hope I win I am so in love with Justin bieber ever since I was little its the only person I listened too he was my first ever boy crush lol and celebrity crush….when there were all these rumors about him I didn’t care what people think I still loved him . When I was young I tried winning tickets on the radio and lost I was so upset I cried now that I’m older my dream is just to be able to see him in concert

  • Zoe Corkern

    If I win, I will literally die. I so badly wanted to go to his concert when he came to Seattle. May the best fan win☺?

  • Aniyah

    I really love justin bieber, I’ve been in love with him since 2009, it would be the best day of my life if i got the chance to see him, especially since it would be close to my bday.???

  • Adriana Rodriguez

    I’ve been a HUGE belieber Since 2009 and never had the oppertunity to meet him. I know the chances of getting to meet him entering an online contest but even the slightest chance is still more than nothing. Thank you and good luck everyone ?

  • Tara

    I wanna win these tickets for my patient I take care of. I am a nurse who works in a children’s residential who works with a 13 year old girl who loves Justin burner skmce she was little. She was in a horrible car accident thrown from the car n should of died. She had a tracheotomy tube in her neck and gastroenostomy tube in her stomach to eat n now she has no trach in her neck n no g tube in her stomach n can speak slightly n is completely aware of things. Just yesterday she was trying to write Justin bieber a letter saying she loved him well trying to write a letter:) just saw this link to enter for tickets!! plwase God I wanna take her!! Tara ❤️??

  • Kiana Johnson

    i would be the happiest ill ever be if i win these tickets to go to Justin Bieber’s concert. I am a HUGE fan of him, and i’ve been a fan since the beginning. I would be extremely happy if i won the this contest. I really want to win because ive never been out of the province, my gaurdian cant afford for me to to go, and im a really big fan of his. Going to his concert would be the best thing that will ever happen to me.

  • laura needs jesus

    My best friend Courtney & I live in Maine and it would really be such a blast to go and see Justin on purpose tour. We’ve been pretty strong supporters since 2009 when I was 8 years old. I feel like I can really understand Justin and connect to his meaning of everybody including himself having a purpose. He found his purpose and to me thats one of the best things, it may not seem like something big but when you find yourself and pick yourself back up when you fall down and actually take the time to regain happiness it’s the best thing. I feel like Justin is really happy with his life and what he’s doing. He means more then a lot to me, and I’ll always support him. My favorite song off of the Purpose album itself would have to be I’ll Show You. So hopefully we win the tickets, it would be beyond a blessing and I wouldn’t waste a moment at his concert, it would definitely be a great memory. 🙂

    • Courtney Martin


  • Courtney Martin

    I hope I win because my best friend Laura and I always wanted to go to a Justin Bieber concert But I won’t have the time too Because I leave for the summer to go to Florida and I don’t have the money to afford it either. We spent almost 500 dollars for my brother’s Washington trip and we have no money for anything else. I’ve been a fan since the beginning ( Since 09′ ). Justin Bieber is one of my favorite Idols and my favorite song off the purpose album would have to be Purpose itself. it has so much meaning about life and how much he has gone through and how he picked himself up and found his own purpose and since he found his purpose and his happiness it made me really happy.When I was little I used to have a Justin Bieber doll. No lie. I used to love it. it would play music and everything. It was my favorite. but otherwise If we do get this that would be the best belated birthday gift ever. In case you didn’t know my birthday is May 5th. I hope My best friend Laura and I win if we do that would be a blessing and I would probably cry.

    • laura needs jesus

      definitely would be a blast, ❤️ you

      • Gabbi Mercado

        How did you apply for this.

  • Alliyah Warner

    I hope i win because all i wanna do is see Justin in concert ! My mom can not afford to get me tickets right now even though i wanted it for my sixteeneth birthday because life is rough soemtimes you know? All i talk about is him! I am remodeling my room with all him because i love him so much! This would literally mean the world to me if i got Justin Bieber tickets. It would definitley make me th emost happiest girl on this planet and a dream come true. I live in little Niles Ohio so of course i mean there isnt a great chance ill actually get these tickets but I have hope! I love you so much Justin <3

  • Marie-mai Gagné

    I HOPE because the first day I saw him I wont to see him at a concert but I cant because my mom dasn’t have money for this please I hope I can win this please since 2009 I have him on my wall in my room Since 2009 I have a picture of him above my wall every year I add his new style of the year please I want to have the chance to won I would do my best

  • Marie-mai Gagné


  • Alex epperson

    I really hope I win because my mom and I would love to get a vacation away from school and work!! I’ve loved justin since ’09 and I’ve never seen him in concert. my parents can’t afford for me to go because they are ridiculously expensive. it would mean the world to me if I got to breathe the same air and be in the same place as this perfect human being!! he’s been through so much throughout his life and I really would love to witness him in the state he’s in; he’s happy and in a good place. I’m am finally old enough to understand and appreciate more things. and I also don’t know if I will ever have the chance to see him again. this would mean the world to my mom and I could go and I’m already started the countdown until I could possibly be given this amazing chance to see him in concert (16 more days in case you were wondering). I love him with all my heart and it would be an exprience I would never forget!! thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope everyone has a great day!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Alexis Allain

    I’m going through a lot right now and a ticket to my childhood would be great. I have loved Justin through his rough times all his albums. My world, believe, journals, and purpose. All of it. I love him and would love this opportunity

  • Jessica-Lee Bedard

    I want to win! I would love to take my little sister with me to see him! We have yet to go on a girls trip together! And of course to see JUSTIN!!!

  • Anistasia Rivera

    I would love a trip to see Justin I listened to him my whole life and still do today Justin has helped me through rough times when I’m sad I lists to Justin and I feel better when I feel lonely I listen to Justin and feel like he’s here with me where ever I am I feel like Justin is here with me and I would do anything to see him I concert this means so much to me

  • Sandra Marshall

    I really would like to win these tickets, I have a best friend and she does EVERYTHING for me. She bought me tickets to see one of my favorite artist, and I can’t really afford to buy tickets, but we both LOVE Justin and I really want to surprise her. This would really mean the world to me if we could go, see would be so happy. I’ve never seen Justin live, and I really like this album so I want to hear and see him sing it live. I have been a Belieber since the beginning (0’9). This would be an AMAZING opportunity! <3

  • Samantha Oudkerk

    i loved Justin from the begging and now through is starting out to bad boy to just amazing. its hard to go to concerts because my mom is a single parent dealing with bills left and right winning this will mean the world to me and it would be my first concert

  • alexia carranza

    I really really really really really really hope I win! I would literally cry because I never win anything and I love Justin so much I’ve literally liked him since 2009 when they called it Bieber fever and of course it Beliebers now!!❤️? but my parents would never let me go cause they would say I was to young to go to concerts and this year I would cry and beg my parents and older siblings to take me but they would say no because we would waste to much money and we would have to drive there which would take hours cause no one ever comes to Arkansas? It’s sucks. I’m still in school but school literally ends in 20 days I just hope I win????

  • Myriam

    I really hope I win because i really wanted to see Justin Bieber since for ever, I’m been his fan since ever!! I really love him and I’d take my best friend to go see him with me, we always dreamed go go see him. He’s been our favourite singer for both of us we love him so much. I really love his album purpose it’s my favourite. I hope I win and bring my best friend cuz she means a lot to me and she helped me though my rough time and I’d like to repay her to go see him. It would be a blessing. I would cry my life out

  • Calla Lyn Nonya

    would love to take my 3yr old she loves jb:) everyday we play his music n she sings along 🙂

  • ashley c

    Justin bieber is literally my favorite person. I have never been to a Justin Bieber concert cause the pickets were like 500 each and my parents could not afford it. this would literally complete my life and i don’t think i would ever stop smiling. if i get these tickets i might scream forever. i love him so much and all i want to do is go see my love in concert. i have love him since he first started singing and he has been amazing ever since. justin bieber is my role model and seeing him in concert would just make me so happy. justin gives me a purpose!!!!

  • Sierra Pippen

    I hope I win because its my dream to see Justin, I’ve been a belieber since 07. Thats 9 years I’ve been with Justin! He is my idol and I love him so much! I would take my mom because she likes Justin too! We always jam out to him I’m the car he is the best singer in this world, I would die for a opportunity like this! PLUS IT WOULD BE A AMAZING BDAY PRESENT!!

  • Sierra Pippen

    I would be the happiest ill ever be if i win these tickets to go to Justin Bieber’s concert. I am a HUGE fan of him, and i’ve been a fan since the beginning. (07) I would be extremely happy if i won the this contest. I really want to win because ive never been to a jb concert and my mom cant afford for me to to go, and im a really big fan of his. Going to his concert would be the best thing that will ever happen to me. His tickets are like a million dollars because he’s so amazing and everyone is dying to go see him! He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I consider myself mrs.bieber my whole room is justin, I have a backpack, bracelets and all kind of stuff from Justin! He is my LIFE and I love him so much!

  • Maria Tamarez

    I would love to see my baby in concert! God 8’ve cried so many times for that, my mom can’t really afford a the tickets so i’ve been looking everywhere for contests or challenges in the BKSTG app, im waiting for the challenges for the concerts in New York or at least close to New York so i can enter and pray to god that I win. Justin is amazing, his music, his life, his story, his evolution! He is my everything, i have no words to describe how important this is for me and how many times im gonna pray to god to please give me the chance to see him even if it’s not from close. I love his songs, his albums, his hairstyles, i love him. Me and my sister are beliebers. We listen to his songs almost all the time. I would say which is my favorite song but i can’t because i love all of his songs! ALL OF THEM. They are just so inspirational, they make me so happy, i smile when someone says his name and i just start talking about how amazing he is, a kid that at the age of 14 sold out Madison Square Garden, he is just a legend! I don’t know if this is worth it, im hoping it is, i think i will die if i win this, omg! Im just imagining that i win and i get so emotional. That’s my dream! And hopefully i’ll get the chance to see him in Purpose Tour, if not, it doesn’t matter, that’s not gonna change the fact that he is my life and i love him to death! ?

  • Vayda

    I really hope that I win.. I’ve always wanted to go to one of his concerts but we’ve never had the money to afford it and they laugh at me ’cause they think I’m a failure… And now.. I think I am one?.. I’ll look up to Justin no matter what. I haven’t been to a concert before and I’ve always wanted to meet him.. Atleast once before it’s too late. If I don’t win this I don’t think I’ll ever fulfil my dream of meeting him. Keep it up Justin, we’re here for you.. Always ❤️.

  • Nicky

    Justin Bieber is so beautiful. I love him more than pizza

  • gianna

    I would love to win tickets to see Justin. I’ve been trying to convince my mom to get me tickets since they first went on sale but they were just too much. I’ve been a belieber for so long and I can’t even imagine this experience. Justin has come so far and have made himself such a good person to look up too. I hope i win and get the chance to see Justin!!!

  • Arianna

    Justin was here in my states yesterday and tonight!, i couldn’t go because i didn’t have enough money but i know that’s lot of our problem, so i wish everyone luck and if i don’t win i hope you have a blast!

  • Shawnshay

    I’ve always wanted to go to a justin bieber concert since i fell in love and became a belieber in 09 but me or my family couldn’t afford it I will always have hope that i meet him one day !! ?

  • Taryn Bull

    It would be so nice to win this contest to experience the purpose tour for myself. This would really make up for all the contests I’ve entered (and unfortunately never won) in the past. They say money can’t buy happiness but it can get tickets to see Justin, and that’s kind of the same thing. It would mean the world because I love Justin so much, my love for him only grew since 2009. 🙂

  • Ania

    I live in New York and my best friend, Sarah, lives in Maryland. We met a few years ago on Twitter because of Justin (we’ve both been BELIEBERS since 2010)! We started talking and skyping a lot and we finally got to meet at one of his Believe Tour concerts in DC. We haven’t seen each other since then because of the distance and our schedules. We’ve been trying really hard to get tickets to one of the Philly shows since that’s basically half way for both of us and it would give us the opportunity to see each other again. Tickets are really expensive, though, and it hasn’t been working out in our favor 🙁 . If I could score us these tickets, we would both be SO grateful and happy. It would literally mean the world to us! <3

    • Ania

      PS – heres a pic of us with some other girls at the 2013 concert 🙂

  • Olivia

    I truly hope I win because I haven’t seen my one friend for a couple years in person and I want to surprise her with something amazing lol
    My mom says if I win we will go pick her up and take her and I just have my fingers crossed.

  • Isabella Faith Torres

    i would really enjoy to go because I’ve always wanted to see Justin Bieber live in concert. Me and my sister are big fans. I love him so much, his personality, his eyes, the way he smiles, he’s just a blessing on this earth lol. but it would be such a blessing for us to go. thank you, have a nice day. <3

  • Megan McAllister

    I hope I win because I’ve been a huge fan of Justin ever since 2009. I remember I was on facebook and saw a link that lead me to a youtube video of Justin singing a cover of Cry Me A River. Ever since then I’ve been so in love with Justin and his voice. The purpose album is so real and I connect to the lyrics so much. Seeing Justin grow up while im growing up has been so great. I’d love to win these tickets because I’d love to see the biebs in concert and experience the purpose tour. I graduate high school a month after the concert and I think this concert would be the best way to end my high school experience because Justin has been such a huge part of my life for so long. Thanks.

  • Destiny Avalos

    I really need to see my Baby ?❤ Is think I have a stroke but it’s ok alongest I see the love of my life ???

  • Emily Hough

    It would be so amazing to go see Justin Bieber with my mom!!! He would be my first concert and that would just be so awesome!!! My mom and I wanted to get tickets for Christmas to go see him when he came to Denver, but sadly it didn’t work out. Would feel so incredibly lucky and grateful to get this opportunity. I can’t imagine how much fun my mom and I would have on this trip. Not to mention the money to go buy summer clothes which we could really use. But even if we don’t win this once in a lifetime chance, good luck and have fun to the lucky person who does win. 🙂

  • carol banegas

    I’ve been a huge fan since i was little and i have bad luck trying to see Justin. I’m always out of town when he comes down to Miami and i just want to see him live. Tickets are expensive as well. I hope I win 🙂

  • Leah Marin

    I hope I win because recently my parents had purchased me tickets to see Justin in concert that I was so grateful for ! I have been a fan of Justin since I was about 8 years old (I’m talking a mega fan if you don’t believe me I have pictures to prove it) But to our surprise the tickets weren’t real it was a complete scam my parents had spent $1000 purchasing these tickets and disappointingly I wasn’t able to go my parents had spent the last of there money trying to make my dream come true , my family had spent so much money trying to get me to see him and I was so very thankful for that. I really would like to be able to attend Justin’s purpose tour this year I had the choice of either going to his concert or having a quincenera which in my culture is a big deal and I ended up with neither wich was a total bummer so with that being I really think I should be the winner ! With love , Leah aka biggest belieber ever 🙂

  • Sydney Hooey

    I want to win because Justin is my everything. I’ve been a Belieber since 09 and I have not seen him live yet and I really want to. I was suppose to go to his Believe Tour but money was an issue. Now I thought I could go, when I heard the tickets were going on sell. But My mom and I found out that we are suppose to move out of our house around the time I want to see him. Therefore money is washed away from seeing him and going all towards our new house. It sucks because seeing him would mean everything to me. I cry now, hating myself that I didn’t attend the Believe Tour. This would be my dream.

  • Kelty

    Well me and my best friend Taylor, we are 12, love JB!!! He’s soooo cute and I love him. It would be so amazing to go on an amazing trip with my bestie and also go and see JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! I always listen to his music and enjoy every minute of it and it would be even better live!! I love him and I have since I was in kindergarten!! This would be an awesome adventure with my BFF

  • Regan Lee

    Me and my bestfriend Tamara were looking forward to going to his Toronto concert only to find out it was sold out. This has been something we’ve wanted to do since we were little , now that we’re 17 and 19 we want to go more than anything. We’ve beliebed for a long time and this would make our dreams come true. We’ve been loyal fans since his youtube channel started and this would be the greatest experience of all time. <3

  • Tianna ❤️

    If I won tickets it’ll be my first time seeing Justin live and going out to another state for Justin will be the best experience ever. I’ve been supporting him for such a long time and he makes me happy and I would like to bring my friend with me because we’ve been doin so much to get tickets for Justin but the tickets were so expensive. I was planning on camping out at the venue but i don’t wanna miss school doing that for the May 4th and 5th concert at Barclays. So winning tickets will make me the happiest person alive, I probably wouldn’t be able to breathe if I won haha.

  • king ky

    Me and my friends have been trying so hard to get purpose tour tickets. we have loved Justin every since the 4th grade when “Baby” came out! His purpose album is one of my favorite and I have been listening to it non stop. Me and my friends even drove from Aston,PA to New York to see him perform on the Today Show, on November 18th. We then spent 2 extra hours chasing his car. we saw Big Sean, Dan Kanter ( his guitarist) & his manager. I would die to have Justin Tickets. I’m currently listening to his on Q102 right now! lol! I really hope I win. thank you for this opportunity!

  • Liz Grover

    OMG Happy mothers day to me!!! I am such a fan! Hope to get lucky here!

  • Gabbi Mercado

    Not sure how to enter but I have loved Justin for 10 years straight and he’s mentally helped me through so many things in life. Recently my “bestfriend” said she would take me to the concert so today is 10 days until the concert in Philadelphia… She says “sorry I can’t take you to the Justin Bieber concert” messed up right. I’ve been crying for hours hope I make it in! This is me and this is what happened

  • Shanzae babur

    Omgggggg me and my sister never been to his consert ?????and this would beeee like SOOO amazing if we went like I can’t even ?????like we literally both like him for soooooo long but never really got the chance to go see him at one of his shows which sucks this would mean the world to me if we could go because I get to see JUSTIN BIEBERRRRR ?❤️❤️❤️with my sister omg I would cryyyyy really want this sooooooo badddd?Thank youuuu?

  • Sophie Madalyn

    I really want to win bc my sister has always been there for me and she always supports me even when I’m annoying. She means a lot to me and rn she’s in college and she’s taking classes while working. I would absolutely love to suprise her with tickets to his concert

  • Cobra

    Wow I’m so dumb for seeing this now ._. But I’d love to go to the Justin Bieber Concert. Firstly because I’ve loved JB for a long time and it went on and off but deep down I still love him and secondly so I can get away from things at home.

  • Nisha Chatterjee

    I hope to win for my girlfriend Shimona! I love her, and we face the struggles of having conservative indian parents, and must keep our relationship secret from our families. We fear losing each other everyday. I love her so much, and justin bieber’s music brings us together. Winning these tickets would be a dream come true, and during the concert, we’ll be able to forget about all our fears, and live our lives a little! 🙂