Hailey Sani aka berrypinklips answers a couple questions before heading to Coachella.

It’s almost time for Coachella, the first and one of the most important music festivals of the summer. For the 2016 edition we head to the California desert with four incredible and unique west coast girls. Hailey Sani joins our Coachella squad for the first time. If you don’t already know Hailey, aka berrypinklips, today’s your lucky day because you’re about to discover one of the most fun vloggers we know. The 15-year-old Turkish born, Los Angeles based YouTuber’s channel is full of interesting videos and tips about fitness and health, clothing hauls and study hacks, and her popular #Q&hAiley series gives you a peek into the life of a real teenage girl in today’s world. Go spend some time on her YouTube channel and check out her Instagram feed to see why we’re so excited to hit Coachella with Hailey!

Before heading to Indio, we asked Hailey Sani a few questions about herself and how she’s getting ready for Coachella.

What are the key items to pack for Coachella?
Definitely some vintage sunnies! They’re cute and great because you’re in the middle of the desert!

What is your favorite piece from our limited edition Tokyo Rodeo festival collection?
I love the L’Amour denim jacket! The colors of the roses in the back and everything about it is so trendy and cute!

Who are you most excited to see perform at Coachella?
Halsey all the way. She’s so talented and I live for her music.

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My worst habit is…
It takes me a while to reply to emails or texts. I’ll reply in my head and forget to physically type it! Oops!

A fashion trend I don’t get.
All white everything. I know it looks cute at times but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t spill something on me. I’m truly 8 years old.

What’s the best thing and the worst thing about vlogging on YouTube?
Having a platform where I can share my thoughts and opinions to people all around the world is a truly amazing feeling. But sometimes I just want to turn off the camera and not have the pressure of having to upload a video! But the positive things definitely clear out the negatives! There aren’t many to begin with anyway!

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A photo posted by berrypinklips (@haileysani) on

Hailey’s friend Lexee Smith (shown in the photo above) is also part of our 2016 Coachella squad. Read her interview here!

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