Guest post by Bettina Micu.

It never gets easier, you just get stronger.

If you have been following me on my Snapchat (which you should add me if you want to) you’d know a month and a half ago I made it a point to start running everyday and I have since. For me, it wasn’t for anything health related nor was it to alter my body in any way, shape, or form but an outlet to release stress and just over things I needed getting over. I was having a really, least to say, crappy day and I just thought, “a run sounds really good right now,” so I laced up my busted Nike’s and was on my way. I ended up loving the feeling of catching my breath and burning thighs and it stuck. It became almost like a craving my body would have and I felt invincible after every time.

This is just one of those situations where you unknowingly turned something bad into something good and beneficial for you. I started becoming health conscious and staying aware of what I put into my body, and though I don’t post many fitness snaps anymore (mainly because I felt like it was getting annoying), I still keep up to my routine.

Running helped me a lot with dealing with what I had to deal with a month ago which none of you will probably know what it is unless you are Bianca, my best friend. And because my good friends over at Garage follow my fitness progress on my social media, they had this fun idea of inviting me and other bloggers out to run a 5km at The Big Bubble Run, the first of its kind in Dubai over the weekend.

Boy, did we kill it.

Big Bubble Run Dubai 2016

Definitely one of the most important things about working out whether it be just a run or a full on routine at the gym or even just staying in the mood to keep fit and do a little exercise every now and then is clothing. It is important to find clothing that will not only make you feel comfortable doing 80 squats and 50 burpee’s but something to keep you motivated and excited.

I absolutely fell in love for Garage’s Activewear, and since we are already so serious in what we wear day-to-day, it is great that the collection was full of bright, fun colors, mixed materials, and cool shapes, like hell I am wearing my totally 60’s inspired windbreaker as we (or I) speak (a.k.a type). Another thing I must mention is the weather, it got so hot so fast but mid-run I realized even if I was wearing a full pant and a jacket I didn’t feel hot at all, which was surprising because the fabric felt of such good quality but still kept me cool the whole run.

I totally have been using my Garage Activewear since I’ve got it, mainly because it gets me most in the mood to move, and now to think of it, boosts my confidence a lot more when running. I CAN DO ANYTHING BECAUSE I AM CUTE AF RN.

Big Bubble Run Dubai 2016

There are a million and one reasons why I would recommend going out for a run besides the fact that it’s obviously beneficial for your health. You are forced to learn a lot about yourself in the 30 minutes of silence, you learn that you are far more capable of what you think you are. I remember the first time I completed my run without stopping to catch my breath, I knew at that moment I could do anything I wanted if I set my mind to it and worked hard consistently, which I obviously related to my blog and that gave me motivation. Yes, running gave me motivation to actually live life and appreciate it. I can’t count the number of beautiful sunsets and sunrises I’ve witnessed while on my daily run and I can’t wait till you see your first.

“It never gets easier, you just get stronger.”

Duh, with the help of some kickass activewear because leave it to Garage to get you in the mood to get up and get sweaty! ?

Bettina describes herself in 3 words: Worldwide Girl Boss, and we totally agree! At only 17, she’s already making her mark on Dubai’s fashion scene and doesn’t have any intention of slowing down. We saw on Bettina’s Snapchat that she goes for a daily run so we brought her to the Big Bubble Run 5k with us earlier this month!

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