We catch up with Bean McLean before heading to Coachella.

It’s almost time for Coachella, the first and one of the most important music festivals of the summer. For the 2016 edition we head to the California desert with four incredible and unique west coast girls. Bean McLean’s Instagram profile says she’s a “17 yr old gal living in Southern California, likes to document things in small squares”. As perfect as that is, we certainly wouldn’t stop there when describing the girl everyone wants to be friends with. Scrolling through her feed is instant goals as her photos are of the most inspiring kind, whether they be fashion, food or her love for beautiful flowers. But her most alluring trait is her ability to connect with, relate to, and inspire her fans. On her Tumblr especially, Bean creates an environment in which she interacts with her fans and it’s this openness that makes her everyone’s favorite BFF. We can’t wait to spend Coachella weekend with her!

I think I am just very lucky… I think I am just a person with a very verrrry large and international friend group.

Before heading to Coachella, we asked Bean McLean a few questions about how she keeps up with her fans on Tumblr and how she’s getting ready for the festival.

What are the key items to pack for Coachella?
My key items would probably (as a Coachella newbie) be a change of shoes, sunscreen, portable charger, an extra pair of socks (coincides with the extra pair of shoes), a hat, sunglasses, cash, and a cute outfit.

What are some key tactics you use when posting to Instagram?
For posting on Instagram I usually use Afterlight with the A6 filter. I don’t really follow any system other than that, my captions are usually all whatever I’m thinking at the time!

What are 3 essentials to have in your bag when at a festival?
Definitely have backups in case your phone dies, like a watch or a portable charger, water, and some more sunscreen so by Sunday I’m not looking like a little tomato.

Who are you most excited to see perform at Coachella?
I’m really excited to see Sufjan Stevens!! I love him.

Describe your style in three words.
Retro, darling, tomboy-esque?

Most used or favorite emoji.
The koala emoji!! It has my heart. ?

We ❤️ your Tumblr. How do you manage to be present at all times for your fans and answer so many of their questions?
Oooooh I can get a lot of questions in my Tumblr inbox!! I cannot always answer them but I try to pick out things that are relevant or I haven’t talked about or just make me happy! I like having a lot of interaction with the people who follow me, sometimes the ability to have anonymity through Tumblr makes it easier for people to open up.

You have such a strong presence on social, what would you call yourself?
I don’t know what to call myself. I think I am just very lucky and also very confused on how people find it interesting to follow little aspects of my life. I think I am just a person with a very verrrry large and international friend group. 🙂

Bean’s friend Greer Inns (shown in the photo above) is also part of our 2016 Coachella squad. Read her interview here!

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