They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul so we really wished eye makeup wasn’t so difficult! Perfecting your brows, liner and eye shadow has always been a major mystery… until now. These beauty vloggers will explain the tricks 5 eye makeup secrets to get your eye makeup right every single time.

5 Eye Makeup Secrets by Beauty Vloggers

How to Get Your Brows On Fleek

The queen of beauty bloggers, aka Michelle Phan, tackles one of our biggest makeup issues: how to make your brows on fleek. We’re pretty sure Cara Delevingne watched this video a few times before her modelling career took off.

How to Perfect Winged Eyeliner

This is a makeup staple and yet it’s so difficult to achieve. This super easy winged eyeliner makeup tutorial will finally help you achieve your eyeliner dreams.

How to Get Perfect Eyes In 5 Minutes

Running out the door but still want to look cute? Here is an everyday makeup routine you can do in 5 minutes or less. Get ready, set, go!

How to Get Smoky Eyes Like Mila Kunis

If anyone is owning the smoky eye look it’s Mila Kunis. Her eyes might be naturally big but a lot of the credit also has to go towards her flawless go to makeup look. It’s time to steal some of those smoky eye secrets.

How to Make It Look Like You Have Huge Eyes

If you’re really obsessed with the Hollywood doe eye trend, look no further than this tutorial. Makeup can do wonders for making your eyes look like Bambi.