Saying goodbye to split ends can spell the end of dull looking hair. Salons usually want to solve the problem by chopping off a million inches of your hair that you worked so hard to grow, and as a result we avoid haircuts to try and keep our length. Luckily there are many things you can do at home to keep your hair healthy and split end free. Here are 10 tricks to get rid of split ends including giving yourself a trim at home so you can avoid the dreaded salon chop once and for all.

1. Be careful how much you wash your hair. While you might think you’re helping your hair by keeping it super clean, you’re really washing out natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy. You can shower every day, but just tie your hair up in a bun and only wash them every 2-3 days.

2. Speaking of heat, your curling irons and hair straighteners are also doing some major damage. Try to limit styling to a few times of week – luckily wavy beach hair is in!

3. Don’t be afraid to use products to give your hair a little extra boost. Always use heat protectant before you straighten your hair and use conditioner whenever you wash it.

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4. Make sure you never rinse your hair in hot water. Always finish with cold water. Don’t worry about washing out all your conditioner, leaving some in avoids drying out your hair.

5. Choose your brush wisely. For everyday brushing use a cushioned paddle brush with flexible bristles.

6. Brush your hair the right way. Start at the bottom and work your way up. This is super important because if you start at the top you push all the knots to the bottom and then your fragile ends will break when you try to untangle them.

7. Never brush your hair when it’s wet as this is when it’s most likely to break. Wait until it’s half dry and then gently run a brush through.

8. The professionals recommend you get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, but this can get costly and time consuming. Check out the video below for how to trim your hair at home. Be careful not to just grab any scissors in your kitchen as these often have dull blades and can damage your hair even more. Get scissors that are meant to cut hair for an at-home trim.

9. Get a trim! Cutting your hair is the best way to avoid split ends. Although it seems counterintuitive, taking a little bit of hair off the bottoms is the best way to prevent split ends because it will stop your hair from breaking.

10. Use a hair mask one a week (or once every too weeks if you notice your hair getting greasy). Go the DIY route for a natural hair boost. Plain yogurt and honey can do wonders for split ends. Prepare a mixture of 3 parts yogurt and one part honey, apply to wet hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse it out and notice how healthy and shiny your hair is.

Bonus! Tying your hair in a cute ponytail is a good move style wise, but the type of band you’re using could be causing major split ends. Always choose a band that’s covered in fabric to protect your hair from ripping against the rubber, and keep it loose to avoid breakage.