Superfoods might sound like another dietary buzzword but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them altogether. Superfoods are all-natural foods that have a high nutrient density so if you want to stay healthy, they are a good place to start. Try one (or more) of the foods below and see what we mean. Some of them might sound weird but we promise they’ll have you feeling your best in no time!


Everyone is all about coconut water these days but we say it’s all about the coconut milk. Even though it’s made of coconut meat and water, full fat coconut milk has 48 grams of fat per cup so go for a lite version like So Delicious’ Unsweetened Coconut Milk when making a smoothie.

Why you should drink it: Coconut reduces sweet cravings, helps to prevent obesity and offers an energy boost.

Try this: Delicious Berry Coconut Smoothie recipe.


Acai is a berry that comes from the Açaí palm tree found in Central and South America.

Why you should eat it: Studies have shown that acai is even richer in antioxidants than other berries which means they have anti-aging properties. They also contain fiber and healthy fats.

Try this: Yummy Acai Berry Bowl.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are tiny black seeds native to Central and South America. They were an ancient superfood but have only recently become popular in modern times.

Why you should eat it: Chia seeds have more Omega-3, calcium, phosphorus and fiber than flaxseed. Omega-3 helps raise healthy cholesterol, calcium makes your bones strong and finbr fills you up. That’s one serious seed.

Try this: Tasty Overnight Chia Seed Pudding.


Spirulina has been consumed for centuries because it’s insanely high in nutrients. It’s a microalgea that has been called “the miracle of the sea.” But before you run away because it sounds gross, check out all the awesome benefits.

Why you should eat it: People claim it solves just about everything from metabolism issues to heart problems to diabetes. It’s high in iron so it’s good for women to take as a supplement.

Try this: Not going to lie, it tastes nasty. Get the capsule version and swallow it. You get all of the healthy benefits and none of the “I just ate algae” face.


This is basically the darkest dark chocolate possible. It is a superfood that has been popular for many centuries. It’s from South America but has emerged as one of the leading superfoods of our time. It’s also one of the yummiest because it comes from chocolate!

Why you should eat it: A good dose of magnesium, fiber and tons of antioxidants. You probably don’t have to worry about looking old yet but we’ll take the glowing skin that antioxidants will give you.

Try this: Mouthwatering Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse.

Goji Berries

Also called the wolfberry, these little powerhouses have been used in Asia in the hope of living longer. They come from China but can now be found in any health food store across the country. Goji berries are eaten raw, cooked or dried.

Why you should eat it: People have used goji berries for years to attain feelings of well-being and calmness. It’s also been reported that people experience better quality sleep.

Try this: Wake up with this Morning Energy Green Smoothie.