Leonardo DiCaprio finally getting his Oscar was pretty sweet, but the best part of awards shows are the awkward moments. Let’s be real, we care way more about the dresses and the people embarrassing themselves than we do about who actually wins. Here are some of the best awkward awards show moments that we won’t soon forget.

Angelina Jolie making out with her brother on the Oscars red carpet in 2000.


It only got weirder with her acceptance speech. We wonder how Brad feels about that awkward moment?

That time when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the Best Music Video at the VMA’s. It’s the only time EVER we were happy we weren’t Beyonce.

Those times at the 2015 Oscars that John Travolta got way too close for comfort. Poor Scarlett looks like she’s getting an awkward hug from an ex who cheated on her 9 times. The girl is just not having it.


Jennifer Lawrence falling in 2013 when she went to get her award for Best Actress. Because it’s J-Law however, it was more cute than anything else.

85th Annual Academy Awards

But let’s not forget about the time she clawed at her friends back as she fell on the red carpet.


That time the Oscars tried to reach a “younger demographic” so they got Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host. It was an honest effort… that really bombed.


Remember when Neil Patrick Harris stood on the stage in his tightie whites? He seemed to get it all wrong: he was supposed to imagine the audience in their underwear if he was nervous, not get naked all by himself.

87th Annual Academy Awards

That time Lady Gaga wore the meat dress. She may have given a stunning performance at the 2016 Oscars, but there was a time when she imitated moon boots with a dead cow. We feel for the people who had to sit next to her that night.


That time Björk wore what looked like a dead swan. This was definitely not the traditional red carpet dress, but then it got even weirder when people thought she dropped her clutch but she really laid an egg. On purpose. It just fell from the inside of her dress onto the red carpet. The dress is now at the MOMA so she must have been doing something right?


That time Chrissy Tiegen repeated her awkward face. She didn’t let it slide that no one in the room understood Stacey Dash’s cameo.

Stacey Dash Oscars 2016