Our newest festival collection, Tokyo Rodeo, launches today online and in select stores. We asked our Concept Stylist, Amanda, to go over the collection and give us the ideas behind our newest fashion capsule.

While winter may still be here, spring is not too far away. In anticipation of the snow melting, the trees budding and the feeling of listening to music outside, we can’t help to think about the upcoming summer festival season. We are so excited to embark on our 3rd festival tour with some seriously hype friends!

What our design team was watching: Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown

Festivals became popular in the late 60’s with Woodstock and Monterey Pop. Then, like now, festivals represent letting loose, being a free-spirited wild child, listening to good jams, and dancing with your squad. That’s why we are so excited to announce our new, exclusive festival collection, Tokyo Rodeo.

What our design team was listening to: David Bowie, The Rolling Stones

Tokyo Rodeo represents a blend of vintage rodeo and rock & roll style with a twist. We’ve updated the classic festival outfits with awesome Japanese-influenced fabrics.

The floral prints are taken from real Japanese kimonos that our design team picked up at vintage thrift stores in Paris!

For the Boho babes and rocked-out beauties, we’ve got you covered with floral kimonos thrown over a pair of ripped denim jeans, or crochet crop tops over high waisted denim shorts. Garage will have you festival ready in one of a kind outfits. The Tokyo Rodeo collection will help you break into spring the right way whether or not you decide to go to any festivals this summer.

The collection is inspired by a Tokyo rebel thrift spirit with eccentric fabrics and colours that wink to B movies and a Vegas-like Tarantino kitsch full of fun with Wild West American clichés.

This limited edition collection adds fun to an East meets West style revolution. These 70’s inspired pieces are sure to make a bang! Go wild and free as classic blasts from the past meet urban street styles. Are you ready?

Shop our collection now online and in select stores.