We know you’ve been waiting for this. Kylie Jenner’s makeup game is lit and now you can steal all her tips and tricks. And the best part? You don’t even have to be an 18-year-old millionaire to pull off her look. The best Kylie Jenner beauty secrets are below. Tell all of your friends.

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The secret to the Kylie Jenner lips…

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is all about lip liner. Kim let it slip that Kylie is obsessed with the already popular Mac Cosmetics lip pencil in the color “spice.” Too late to add it to your list for Santa?

While Kylie may have admitted that she got her lips surgically enhanced, makeup has a lot to do with her signature look. She forgoes lip gloss and lipstick and instead just uses a ton of liner. The trick is to overdraw your lips and then fill them in with liner for that plush pucker.

Not so fast, don’t go straight for the liner. Prime first with a lip conditioner to make the color blend more easily and look smoother. No one likes a chalky kiss.

Kylie Jenner’s eyes…

Don’t think you have to be a millionaire to get the Kylie Jenner look. Kylie admitted she gets her false lashes from CVS.

She uses Lancôme Hypnôse Drama for mascara.

On a recent video of Kylie’s makeup artist doing her eyes, you can see that she lets the mascara touch the skin to make her eyes look even bigger.

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Her skin routine…

Even though we’re used to seeing Kylie in heavy makeup, she says that when she’s just going out to see people she likes a lighter look. She typically goes for a light foundation and bronzer. Oh, and lip liner, of course.

Her go to foundation and bronzer products are Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation and NARS Orgasm blush.

For bronzer she loves the Karshashian bronzer (obviously). She puts it in the hollow of her cheekbones, on the sides of her head, on her nose and under her chin. She then follows up with a light powder with yellow tones to cancel out any redness.

She has gotten into the strobing trend recently, which focuses on using natural light to give more definition to your face. Check out Vogue’s advice on strobing here.

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Kylie’s damage control routine…

Kylie and her friends love to try Sephora masks. She says “On the shelf there are a million of them – Sephora makes them – so you can try different ones. They’re so much fun.”

Being a celebrity doesn’t protect you from skin damage. Kylie never goes anywhere without sunscreen, a tip she picked up from Chloe.

Even though she could use a more expensive product, Kylie says she uses Neutrogrena face wipes to remove all of her makeup at night. It even gets rid of waterproof makeup.

Kylie has damaged her hair from dying it so much, so she uses Moroccon oil shampoo and conditioner.

And to make sure she actually looks perfect…

Kylie uses a natural light lamp to make sure her foundation matches her natural color. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy light, you can just go stand by the window and make sure everything is blended to perfection.