It’s time to ditch the soda once and for all. We all know soda is bad for us but it’s everywhere and so hard to resist. If you’re addicted to the diet alternative you probably think you’re being healthy because it has no sugar, but it actually contributes to many of the same health risks as the regular variety such as diabetes and tooth decay. Also studies have shown that diet soda drinkers are more likely to be overweight which can give you a whole other set of health issues to deal with. So what does this all mean? It’s time to cut this habit and go for something healthier. Here are 6 ideas for totally yummy drinks that will give you the same boost.

Infused Water

Spas are onto something with fruit infused water. You can add whatever fruits you have lying around; watermelon, limes and strawberries are always good! Not only does adding fruit make water taste better, but it also looks super cute.

Iced Green Tea

Green tea is the bomb because it is full of antioxidants that will give you glowing skin. If you are addicted to soda because of the caffeine, green tea should be able to curb your craving. Green tea is sugar free but if you miss the sweetness add some honey for a natural sugar boost.

Juice In Seltzer Water

This drink will give you a fizz and sugar kick that may have you thinking it’s better than your regular coke. Try to mix fresh juice with sparkling water for a raw food boost, or try it with pomegranate juice for some cold fighting vitamin C.

Iced Coffee

OMG iced coffee is so good! But be careful with fancy lattes and other concoctions as these often have as much sugar as a piece of cake. Go for black coffee and add a bit of milk or one packet of sugar if you don’t like it plain (but just one because sugar is super bad for you). Coffee is awesome because it gives you a serious caffeine boost which is most likely what you’re craving when you want a soda.

Soy Milk

Do you drink diet soda because it fills you up? Um yeah, stop doing that. Diet soda is basically poison. If you’re hungry and don’t have time to eat a proper snack, drink a glass of soy milk. It’s full of nutrients and protein to help you stay full. You can even have the chocolate kind because anything is better for you than that toxic sludge you’ve been drinking.