One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not eating after you work out. Your body needs fuel to recover which comes from a balance of protein and healthy carbohydrates. But just because you worked out doesn’t mean you get to eat the contents of the fridge or lots of sweets. In order to get into the best shape of your life you need to eat smart. Here are the best post-workout snacks.

Trail Mix

If you’re on the go, bring some trail mix. Nuts have a good balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats which is exactly what your muscles will be craving after an intense session at the gym. But avoid packages with too many yogurt covered raisins and M&Ms. Even if the packaging claims it’s organic and healthy, it’s just going to be full of refined sugar. If you want to be really hardcore, make your own trail mix at home. Check out this awesome recipe to get started.

Cheese and Crackers

Life without cheese would be incomplete (sorry vegans). A couple of slices of good quality organic cheese over whole grain crackers will refuel your body and have you ready to hit the gym again in no time. Make sure to keep the portion sizes between 150 and 200 calories, which is what most nutritionists recommend for post-workout snacks.

Protein Shake

Having one of these is a no brainer, but not all protein shakes are created equal. A lot of the ones you buy from the store are heavy in preservatives which is totally not good for you. And a lot of people don’t react well to Whey protein; some people experience an upset tummy or get acne. Go for protein that is plant based and blend it with some almond milk and half a banana. Yum!

Yogurt With Fruit

Plain greek yogurt was sent to us from the Gods. It’s natural, pure protein packed with probiotics (good for your skin and intestinal health) that also fills you up and tastes awesome. No post-workout snack is complete without healthy carbs so throw some fruit in there as well. A small chopped up apple with some hemp seeds is a great way to go.

Chocolate Milk

This is a trick used by a lot of runners, serious athletes and grade school kids! We’d say they’re all onto something. Chocolate milk has the perfect balance between carbs and protein. Ok fine it has sugar in it too, but you just went to the gym so you deserve a healthy treat!

Snack to Avoid

Protein bars. The packaging is designed to make them look healthy but even the natural ones are full of junk to give them a longer shelf life. Have you ever seen a protein bar tree? Yeah, neither have we.