They used to just be the little sisters in the Kardashian klan but these girls have grown up to be superstars in their own right. Kylie and Kendall Jenner are more than just related, they’re also BFFs. Despite rumours about Kylie being jealous of Kendall’s modelling career, and their public fights on their family’s famous TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, these girls will be best friends for life. Here are the best Kylie and Kendall sister moments.

When they wear matching outfits as kids…


and then go through another matching outfits phase as adults.


When they wrote a book together…


and then made a game together.


When they share their favorite Kimye moments on Jimmy Kimmel…

When all the sisters have a baby shower (in matching pyjamas)…

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and then become the cool aunts to Saint.

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When they pretend to be Kim Kardashian…

and still love each other even when they drive each other crazy.

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When Kylie gives Kendall and Cara a piggy back ride…

And when Kylie yawns during a photoshoot next to supermodel Kendall.

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