Sticking to a workout routine is a million times easier when you have a workout buddy. Seriously, it’s a scientific fact. So grab your best friend (your cat doesn’t count) and do something new to get fit and stay motivated.

Get fit by watching Pretty Little Liars

Yes, you heard that right. Who says you have to be sitting down while watching TV? Invite your best girl over and do this awesome work out by TotalBeauty. Get ready to do a push up every time you see A’s black gloves. Don’t love Pretty Little Liars? Don’t worry there are a ton more TV show workouts to choose from. Now you have no excuses!

Do couples yoga

Because let’s be real, we all know your best friend is literally your soul mate. The official name for that yoga you always see couples doing in the park is actually called Acro Yoga. Make sure you and your bestie try a class first because dropping your friend when she’s doing the splits mid-air might cause a BFF breakup.

Be each other’s personal trainers

Who says you need to spend a million dollars on some dude at a gym? You and your main girl can keep each other motivated doing an at-home workout together. We love this fitness plan because it was designed to do with a partner. We vote you get matching outfits just to make your workouts more fun.

Join a dodgeball team

Ok it doesn’t have to be dodgeball, pick any sport! There are a ton of pick up sports games in your area, and often no skill is required. So even if you’re terrible at it, you and your best friend can go and suck together. It will be a blast. Plus you get to meet new people so that guarantees it’ll be a good time!

Challenge each other…

… to a squat challenge that is! We love this awesome workout regimen created by Refinery29. After sticking to this workout you girls will both have buns of steal. Print out the schedule, post it your bedroom wall, and then go for it!