Everyone’s skin breaks out from time to time but some of us have it worse than others. The trick is knowing how to use makeup to cover acne prone skin so we can go about our day feeling beautiful and confident. And who better to look to for advice than beauty vloggers? Here are four awesome videos that will teach you how to cover those spots without looking like you’re wearing too much makeup. Note: Don’t get into the routine of always covering up your face with makeup. Proper skincare and letting your skin breathe is very important. Taking even a day off from makeup is so good for your skin!

BiiBii Beauty has mastered covering acne without looking like your makeup is caked on.

We literally didn’t even know covering makeup with powder like this was possible. To make it even more crazy, she puts liquid on top of powder and it actually works. No one will know you’re having a breakout with these insane makeup tricks.

Vlogger My Pale Skin shows you how to go from severe acne to date ready.

It’s pretty much every girl’s worst nightmare: a cute boy asks you out and then the day before dinner your skin starts having issues. This video shows you have to get ready for your date so you can feel confident. But remember: any boy worth having will love you with or without makeup.

Raven Elyse is a makeup mixologist pro

Sometimes one product just isn’t enough! Raven takes us through her beauty routine of mixing awesome products to get the best effect possible. As she says, “I’m not a makeup artist, just a girl with acne tryna be cute!” Well girl, we’d say you accomplished your goal. Now show us your secret!

Zoella teaches us how to cover up if you have just a few spots.

Even beauty queens like Zoella have bad skin from time to time. Zoella has a few marks from acne in this video, and shows us how to casually cover it up in an everyday makeup routine. We’ll take all of that advice because Zoella is boss.