One of the rules of life states that if you have straight hair, you want curly hair, and if you have curly hair, you wish nothing more than for it to be straight. Well now you don’t have to choose. No matter what your natural hairstyle is, these top beauty vloggers will show you how you can get the look you want.

Kailee Mckenzie on Growing Out Your Hair

It isn’t as impossible as it seems. With Kailee’s awesome tips, you can get the locks you’ve always dreamed of.

Meredith Foster on Straightening Your Hair

Get dead-straight hair without ending up with crunchy dry strands or kinks that ruin your style.

Karina Lynn Kho on Curling Hair With a Flat Iron

Who says you need to spend more money on a curling iron when you already have a straightener? This is a great trick when travelling and you don’t want to use up space in your suitcase for both a curler and a hair straightener.

Dacey Hapa on Curling Your Hair

Curling your hair is totally hot when done right. Say no to Shirley Temple curls and get this way cooler look instead.

Vivian V on Heatless Wavy Hair

Worried about heat damaging your hair? Vivian V has the solution so you don’t have to choose between healthy locks and a good do.

Carli Bybel on Blow-Drying Your Hair

The mystery of how to blow-dry your hair has finally been solved. With this tutorial you can make it look like your hair was done at a salon.

Why You Should Donate Your Hair

Thinking of chopping off a bunch of inches? Instead of throwing it in the bin, donate it to someone in need. If you need more convincing, check out the video below.