This season is all about being a little bit edgy and mysterious. Here are three of our fave makeup trends told by top beauty vloggers Emily June, Zoe Sugg and Amanda Steele. Watch the videos below and choose the one that best suits your personal style. Better yet, try them all because why not!

Emily June

You probably remember Emily from Governors Ball this past summer. Emily might be young but she is a majorly talented makeup artist. She started vlogging when she was having trouble with her friend group and was spending a lot of time alone. And we are so happy she did because she’s one of the most talented make up vloggers out there. Here her look is a smokey eye and neutral makeup. With this tutorial, anyone can get the same look! Emily told Teen Vogue that her beauty philosophy is “Less is more! It’s so important to remember that everyone has natural beauty and you don’t want to cover that up.”

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg goes by the name Zoella on her vlog. This UK girl has charmed us with her bubbly personality and sense of humour. She is also a mega talented writer and you have probably heard of her best selling book Girl Online. We love this autumn look of gold eyes and berry lips. Plus she shows you how to cover up when you’re having a spot break out, which is always helpful when the weather is changing. We’d definitely try Zoella’s look with this dress.

Amanda Steele

This is one of the most popular makeup artists out there. This California girl was only in 5th grade when she launched her YouTube channel and we are obsessed with a lot of her makeup looks. In this video, she gives us two looks in one but both feature perfect cat eyes and shadow.