Halloween is THE BEST holiday of the year! You get to dress up and eat tons of free candy so it literally doesn’t get any better than that. But of course it’s so much more fun when you and your besties have coordinated costumes. We searched far and wide on the Internet for these 8 best BFF Halloween costume ideas.

Katy Perry and the Left Shark

The Left Shark was one of the best moments of the year. Even if one of you are going to have to make room for a giant shark costume in your closet, you and your besties will be the life of the party as Katy Perry and the Left Shark. Just get ready to show off some uncoordinated dance moves.

Taylor Swift’s Squad

Slay at Halloween as T-Swift’s Bad Blood squad. Each of you just needs to dress like a badass. Bonus points if you rock leather or Lily Aldridge’s fur hood.


The Dress

Order a dress for each of you online. Dip one in blue Kool Aid to turn it blue… because we all know the REAL dress is gold and white, right?



For Cher you need a blond wig and a little white dress. And don’t forget the flip phone. Every real 90s girl needs a flip phone.


Cinderella’s Evil Stepmom and Step Sisters

Forget the blue dress and glass slippers, it’s so much more fun to be evil for the night. And you know you want one of those hats.


Sex and the City

Time to pull out that crazy outfit in your wardrobe that you know looks totally fabulous but you’re too shy to wear on a regular basis. Now you just have to decide, are you a Charlotte or a Samantha?

Sex and the City

Inside Out

You know your friend who won’t stop whining about her break up? Make her dress as Sadness and you can rock a little green dress and be Joy. And you know the sassy girl in your friend group is perfect to be Disgust. Nailed it.

Inside Out

Presidential Candidates

Because we know who is really going to be competing for Obama’s job in 2020: Trump and Kanye. One of you should throw on a suit and an ugly yellow wig, and the other can imitate whatever that weird brown thing Kanye had going on during his presidential announcement at the VMA’s. Have a third friend who wants to join the costume? We say she dresses at Taylor Swift for Kanye’s Vice President. Yeezy and Taylor 2020!