Literally doing the assignments is only half the learning you do in college. The rest is figuring out how to manage your own life and finding a balance between work and fun. These apps are designed to help you get on top of your life so you can get better at the things you have to do, and more time to do the things you want to do.

The best apps for high school and college students

Stop having a million unread messages with Mailbox

There are two types of people in this world: those with inboxes that are a mess and those who are on top of their messages. This app will help you keep your mailbox clean, and you can even set reminders so you never forget to reply to an email again. In college you’re going to get emails nonstop so Mailbox is the key to not getting overwhelmed. iOS/Android

Mailbox App

Do your bibliography right with EasyBib

You’ve already done the research and written the paper, but now you have to go back and cite your sources using an archaic and confusing system. Bibliography’s are the biggest pain in the entire world. Formatting in MLA or APA becomes easy with EasyBib. Just enter in the book you used and some basic information and it creates the citation for you. Whoever invented this deserves a gold medal. iOS/Android

Get focused with SelfControl

You put aside two hours of your day to work on your paper and then 30 minutes into your study sesh you’re still watching cute cat videos on YouTube. It happens to the best of us, but SelfControl will keep you focused on your homework and away from the cat videos. At least while you’re at the library. The Mac only app blocks websites you know will distract you so you can focus on your work. Remember: work hard, play hard!


Get cool ideas with TED

If you haven’t heard of TED Talks, you had better get on that. It’s basically the coolest, most fascinating people in the world talking about cool stuff in 20 minutes or less. If you need a good idea for a paper or a project, download the TED app, click a topic, watch a video and get inspired. iOS/Android

Get organized with

Writing to-do lists on cocktail napkins isn’t going to cut it in college. You need to know what your priorities are and get on top of everything in order to succeed and not lose your mind. This app will synchronize your lists to all of your devices so you have no excuses to forget anything. It also lets you prioritize tasks so you know what you need to focus on. The app widget can be added to your home screen for quick and easy access. iOS/Android


Save money on textbooks with Chegg

Textbooks cost the equivalent of many cute pairs of shoes. Stop the madness with this app. It lets you find rentals and order of all the textbooks you need. And then when you no longer need the textbook you can rent it again through Chegg. Now you can buy things you really want, like those dope sneakers. iOS/Android

Get paid back with Venmo

Splitting a pizza with a bunch of friends? Cabs? Dinner checks? This used to be a difficult task that involved 5 people sitting around a table with their calculator and asking random people to break a 20, but with Venmo you can easily send money directly from your account to your friends. And it’s super easy to use. Splitting the bills with your roommates has never been easier. iOS/Android


Stop feeling broke with Mint

Money and college students have always had a difficult relationship. You’re not able to work full time, and yet don’t want to only eat ramen for four years. Even if you think you have enough savings to get you through the year, if you’re not careful with your finances it tends to just disappear. Mint will help you manage your money so you can do fun things and still afford to eat your vegetables. iOS/Android