With another semester in full effect, we find ourselves with less shopping time. Here are a few things to add to your next list to maximize your shop and stay fresh and sparkling in the halls. Our school bags are already heavy with everything but the kitchen sink so we have to make the most of what we choose to bring. Our summer intern Jennifer left us with this list of Must Have Beauty Products On the Go and we’re sure you won’t regret lugging these items with you all day long.

1. Tide to Go

Every time I wear a white top, without fail I get a coffee stain. My tactic of carrying my purse and phone in one hand, and coffee in the other, running to a meeting or class, always leaves me with a stain or two. The only thing worse than coffee breath is a coffee shirt, although we all love our Starbucks fix. Simply open your Tide to Go pen, follow the directions and get rid of that stain before class starts. Don’t forget to wash your shirt immediately once you get home to ensure no damage to the garment.

Tide to Go

2. Dry Shampoo

We have all skipped a day or two and have incorporated dry shampoo into our daily routine. Here are more ways to take full advantage of this product.

– After having dinner with my smoker friends, my hair often ends up smelling like a cigarette. A quick spray of dry shampoo and not only does my hair smell better but my clothing gets a fresh new scent.

– I love my shoes and love changing them throughout the day. I have pairs of shoes all over the city: at work, school and at friend’s places. Before switching my Keds for a pair of heels, I spray them lightly with dry shampoo. The shampoo absorbs the moisture and leaves them smelling fresh.

3. Fresh Breath

Often gum isn’t the answer to oral hygiene. With the unhealthy amount of coffee I drink, I’m always prone to coffee stained teeth. By keeping Lush’s toothpaste tablets handy, I can get my pearly whites back. Pop a tablet in your mouth with water and with the help of a compact toothbrush or a clean finger, scrub scrub spit, and enjoy the clean feeling no gum can replace. If you are in a rush, gum with added whitening powers is the way to go.


4. Hand Soap

Public bathrooms can be a scary place, from the stalls to the sink, so I always try to bring my own hand soap. It does cost more however it has often saved my ass when that pink soap is M.I.A. Why is it pink anyways? I have no idea what ingredients are in it or if it’s good for my skin. All I know is that it doesn’t have a great scent! I use the compact travel size hand soap because it not only complements the scent of my perfume but also keeps my hands moisturized.

5. Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean has saved my brother and I from getting in trouble after our multiple food fights and now it saves me from the fashion police. White is a trending colour this season and not just for garments but also for accessories. Simply follow the directions and bring your shoes, purse and wallet back to white.

6. Concealer

Foundation is too big and messy when you don’t have your applicators. Use your concealer to fix any blemishes during the day.

7. Staying Fresh With Makeup Wipes

Keeping your makeup intact takes more than a setting spray. You absolutely need travel size makeup wipes. Wipes double as a life saver when your pen accidently breaks and your hand is blue. And while you’re in the travel aisle of the pharmacy, pick up that mini deodorant!

8. Lip Care

Lip chap is a no brainer but you may also want to pack your favourite lipstick that you can double as a blush. This will not only save room in your bag but will give you a perfect complete matching look.

Addicted to Lip Balm

9. Help Take Care of Frizz

Our poor skin already suffers from the dry air and over used air conditioning. Pack hand cream for your body but also to gently rub in your hair to get rid of frizz.

10. Hair Accessories

Buying a compact hair brush or comb is a must, especially after gym class. Wrap extra elastics around the handle of the brush and secure a bobby pin.