Every girl can relate to that heart wrenching moment when you pull your fave sweater out of the wash and put it on, only to discover it now looks like it belongs to your little sister. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world, because with these hacks you can make your clothes last longer, from sweaters to sneakers to deodorant streaks.

Get stains off leather: Mix cold water and vinegar. Use an old cloth to rub your boots or jacket and watch the stains disappear. Finally your first winter without having to worry about salt stains destroying your boots.

Make your shoes more comfortable: The expression “beauty is pain” was so last year. Put on big socks and then your shoes. Use a hairdryer to blow on your shoes, the heat will make them expand. Say goodbye to blisters!

Fix a sticky zipper: This used to be the end of all jackets. Instead of yanking the zipper until it breaks, just use vaseline on it to make it start sliding again.

Stop a rip in your tights: Stop going through a million pairs of tights a year. When you notice a little tear, use clear nail varnish to stop it from ripping more.

Stop your sweater from unravelling: A little thread shouldn’t make the whole sweater unravel. Just gently pull the fabric around the loose thread so it goes back into place and the problem doesn’t get worse.

Polish your shoes without shoe polish: Pro tip: moisturizer (yes, like the one you use on your legs) works just as well on leather.

Get your shoes to stop smelling: Put baking soda in them and it’ll soak up the sweat and make the odor disappear. Now your Cons will last twice as long!

Get rid of a lipstick stain: Spray hairspray on the lipstick stain, let it settle for a couple minutes and then throw it in the washing machine. Is there anything hairspray isn’t good for?

Avoid smelly jeans and not wash them: Washing your jeans can destroy the shape, but also not washing your jeans is gross. So instead of throwing them in the washer, put them in the freezer instead. This will kill bacteria and you don’t have to fade your denim. Win win.

Stop a sweater from shedding: Put it in the freezer overnight, right next to your jeans. It’s not like we cook anyways so you might as well use your freezer for more clothes storage.

Unshrink your clothes: This tip is a lifesaver! Follow the steps below:

1. Fill the sink with lukewarm water
2. Put in one cap of baby shampoo or conditioner
3. Let the item soak up the soapy water, gently work it through the whole clothing item
4. Remove from sink and gently squeeze the garment out. Do not rinse it!
5. Lay your garment out on a dry towel
6. Roll the towel up and gently squeeze out any excess water
7. Lay garment on new dry towel
8. Pull garment out so it stretches
9. Let it dry
10. Celebrate that your favourite dress no longer looks like it belongs to a Barbie doll.

Remove deodorant marks: Use baby wipes or if you’re in a pinch your nylon tights will also wipe the white stains away.

Say goodbye to sweat stains on your white tees: Spray lemon juice on areas prone to sweat stains before you throw your tee in the wash. Finally white shirts can last longer.

Remove gum from your clothes: Put ice on the gum. Get it as cold as possible and then you can just scrape it off. Now if only that worked just as well for gum in hair emergencies.