We know how it goes. You think of a thousand and one Halloween costume ideas throughout the year but then when the holiday actually arrives you have no idea what to wear. And after the free candy, dressing up is what Halloween is all about. To go along with our Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015, here are six awesome Halloween makeup tutorials. Choose any one of these and you are guaranteed to be the star on October 31st.

1. Inside Out

Get your best girlfriends to do this costume with you. Now you just have to choose who is going to be Joy, Sadness and Disgust.

2. Barbie

This costume is a classic and every girl has to do it once in her life. With this awesome makeup tutorial you can outshine every other Barbie costume out there.

3. Zombie Skull

For you girls who like something a little bit scary, this zombie makeup tutorial was made for you. Wear a black dress to complete the look. Or pull a Cady Heron from Mean Girls and wear a wedding gown so you too can be an “ex-wife.”

Cady Heron - Halloween

4. Maleficent

This movie might have came out a while ago, but we all want to opportunity to look like Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. This makeup tutorial will show you how to get those wicked cheek bones.

5. Black Swan

The ballerina costume is a classic for 2 to 30 year olds. But doing the Black Swan makeup makes this easy outfit so much more epic. Now you just have to practice your dance moves before the party starts.

6. Pop Art

This is a super original idea and you will get major props if you’re able to pull it off. Be the star of pop art with this awesome Halloween makeup tutorial. You’ll be super excited to add this one to your Snapchat story.