For those of you who have been living under a rock, Scream Queens has finally aired. And it did not disappoint. The star studded cast includes Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd and of course, our favourite girl Emma Roberts. She described Scream Queens as “Friday the 13th meets Mean Girls.” So we’re obviously already addicted and can’t wait to see what happens next.


Emma’s last name and big lips are no coincidence: she is the niece of movie star Julia Roberts. Emma grew up hanging out with her famous aunt on set, and this made her want to act. Her mother was reluctant, to which Emma replied “You’re not supporting my dreams!” So her mother let her go to one audition, thinking she would get rejected and quit. Emma got the part and ended up playing a small role across Johnny Depp in the movie Blow.


Her big break came when she took a role on Nickelodeon as Addie Singer in the series Unfabulous. She won two Teen Choice Awards and six Young Artist Awards. We’re pretty sure we’re more jealous of the picture she has signed by Johnny Depp that says “To Emma, one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Love, Johnny.” If we didn’t love her so much we would die with jealousy.



Even though she’s terrified of scary movies, Roberts is no stranger to being in horror shows. You probably have seen her on American Horror Story (if you haven’t, get on that ASAP). Her character Madison Montgomery is similar to Chanel because they are both bitches. But even so, Emma says: “My character on Coven was a bitch, but she was articulate and smart about it. She was fierce. Only Ryan Murphy (the creator of both series) can do that for women on television.”


When Roberts read the script for Scream Queens she was actually concerned her character was a little too mean. She called up Ryan and said “Is she too mean? Are people going to hate her?” And he replied, “No, they’re going to love to hate her.” Even though it’s just a role, Emma revealed her character’s lines are so mean she sometimes feels compelled to her co-stars after the camera stops rolling.



The Scream Queens cast might be playing in a girl drama filled TV show, but off the screen they are all BFF’s. Emma says they hang out and have sleepovers. Serious squad goals. But (like all girls) friends never came easily to Emma. She says that when she was a teenager everyone was always talking behind everyone’s back. Girl, we can relate.


Now that Emma has grown up, she has figured out what she wants from friendship. She told Glamour: “To me loyalty is the biggest thing. My best friends are the kind of girls who, if I have something important to do, will come over and help me pick out an outfit while we drink a glass of champagne. My sister is 14, and I’m so protective over her. I tell her that if someone doesn’t make her feel good, she doesn’t need to be friends with them. I have four friends in the world I can call and tell anything, and that’s all I need. In the past year I’ve done a serious clearing of people who didn’t treat me the way a friend should treat you. It’s hard. I think I’ve cried more about breakups with girlfriends than I ever have about boyfriends. But can I tell you: It’s changed my life. I only have girlfriends now who make me a better person.”


But no friendship can last when some of you are going to be killed off by a mysterious person in a red mask. Not even the star actresses know which characters will get killed off in season one. Emma says that apparently only four people will go on to season two. So be prepared to be sitting on the edge of your seat because there is no telling what will happen next.

And in case you need one more reason to check out Scream Queens, Emma said it best: “I think it’s laugh-out-loud funny, it’s edge-of-your-seat scary and everyone is wearing Chanel. What other reasons do you need?”