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The typical room/dorm room decorations of Polaroid photos on the wall and fairy lights are cool and all, but these DIY tricks will help take your room to a different level! As we are heading into the colder season, these projects are perfect to help pass the time. Here are 5 awesome ideas to DIY your room.

Laundry Hamper

Your dirty socks never looked so stylish. But seriously, avoid the pile of laundry at the end of your bed and throw it in this cute hamper instead. Your roommates/mom will thank you.


Throw Pillows

Why spend major dollars on fancy throw pillows when a) you’re not even going to sleep on them and b) you can make customized ones yourself! Throw pillows are something boys never understand but we girls know they are the secret to a totally cute room. These also make great gifts. BFF glitter pillows anyone?


Shower Curtain

Motivating yourself to wake up for class and jump in the shower is a little less difficult when you have this awesome shower curtain. Put any words on it you like, but we say a Beyoncé quote is hard to go wrong with.


Wall Hanging

Macramé is super in right now. Use this DIY to impress with your mad wall hanging skills. Add a splash (or two) of colour to a bland white wall, or make a really big one to go above your bed.


Paper Cube Lights

Fairy lights are a staple of most dorm rooms and we know why: they’re an easy replacement for the atrocious artificial lighting that usually comes with the room. But now that little white lights are so common they’re also a little bit basic. Make your own spin on this classic with these paper cube lights.