We’ve got news for you: snacking healthy doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating carrot sticks with hummus. While yummy, it gets boring fast. To celebrate World Vegetarian Day, here are seven healthy and vegetarian-friendly snack ideas so you can feel good and eat good every day of the week.


Popcorn Trail Mix

While a large theatre popcorn has as many grams of saturated fat as 5 (yes, FIVE) snickers bars, popcorn doesn’t have to be bad for your health. Pop it at home to cut down on nasty chemicals and bad types of fat. Mix it with some dried fruits that are high in antioxidants and you have a snack that will make you really look forward to movie nights. Check out the recipe here.


Almond Butter Rice Crisp Treats

If you LOVED rice crispy squares as a kid (and realistically you probably still love them now) then you will love these almond butter rice crisp treats. A healthy snack has a balance between protein and carbs which is why we love these. Get protein from nutrient rich almond butter and get filled up on whole grains when you use the rice crispy cereal from the organic aisle at the grocery store. We love eating one of these with an apple for an afternoon boost. Bonus: you don’t even have to turn on the oven to make them. Check out the recipe here.


Apples With Cheese and Crackers

Apples are one of the best fruits to snack on. If you’re in a rush, throw a couple pieces of cheese, an apple and some whole grain crackers in some plastic baggies and you’re good to go in less than 5 minutes. If you’re like me and only heart your apples cut up, check out this sweet tutorial on how to cut your apples so they don’t get brown.


Cherry Coconut Chia Seed Pudding Parfait

There is definitely a hint of LA health food craze in this snack. Chia seeds are full of healthy fats which will get your skin and hair glowing in no time. Mix in your fave berries which will also give you glowing skin. Just know that when you crack open that jar it’s going to taste awesome and you’re going to look mad trendy. Check out the recipe here.


Flourless Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Blender Muffins

Because being healthy doesn’t mean having to give up chocolate. In fact, balance is key in a healthy diet. These muffins are the bomb because they have peanut butter (protein) and bananas (fruit) and very little sugar. In fact the whole batch only uses three tablespoons of honey so there is no refined sugar in the whole recipe. So you can basically eat cake for breakfast now. You’re welcome. Check out the recipe here.

Vegan Protein Bar Recipe

Quick ’n Easy No Bake Protein Bars

Protein bars are a staple in most health nut’s pantry, but they’re expensive and often full of a lot of junk we shouldn’t be putting in our bodies. These protein bars are super easy to make and you know everything in them is pure. Make a batch and bring one to the gym with you for a snack after you workout. Now that will give you real motivation to go to the gym. Check out the recipe here.