You probably don’t want to hear this, but summer is over. The only good part about the season change is it also means you have an excuse for a wardrobe change. You probably bought way too many t-shirts this summer (yeah, we did too) but no need to throw them in the bin or under your bed. Try out one of these cool DIY t-shirt projects to bring something fresh to your look.

1. Turning Dad’s T-Shirt Into a Butterfly

Who knew that baggy t-shirts that look like they belong to your dad could look so stunning with just a few alterations. Although if you do actually use one of your dad’s t-shirts to make this, maybe throw on a plaid shirt over top so he doesn’t notice!


2. The Back to School Tee

Remember this battle? The what-do-I-wear-to-class debate you have with yourself when you’re only half awake and already late? This project will settle that question once and for all. This shirt is perfect for the days a t-shirt feels just too casual, but you still want to be comfy.


3. The “Ba-Bam” Tee

When the leaves start to change you know it’s time to put away your little tank dresses. But with this project you can make a banging crop top that looks cool over some ripped jeans and a cozy knit sweater. As Paris Hilton would say: “That’s hot.”


4. The Tee You Can’t Wait to Brag About Making

Anything with leather detailing is sure to look super fly, but will also probably break the bank. Do it yourself by reinventing one of the shirts you don’t wear anymore with this awesome project. Just be prepared to casually say “Thanks, I made it myself” when your friends compliment you on your new tee.


5. The DIY Pocket

Who says you need to spend dollars to get a new look? Get the pocket trend down by adding it yourself. You can choose any pattern you want, whether it’s just a solid color, pineapples or cats, you get to choose. The best part about this project? No sewing required.

DIY T-Shirt Pocket

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    I hope I win some of this. All of the clothes are beautiful! ?