We all know #latergrams just aren’t as much fun. It’s even worse when you’re wandering around a music festival trying to find service only to find that instead of posting that awesome picture of you and you’re favorite band, your phone battery is drained. Here are our fave music festival phone hacks so you can make your friends jealous all festival long.

In case you lose your phone

Change your phone’s background to your name and a friend’s phone number so if you lose it people know how to get it back to you. Pro tip: Write it in Notes, screenshot it, and make it your background pic.

Keep your arms free

Skip the purse and leave your ID, bank/credit card and cash in the back of your phone case. Then you have one hand to video your fave DJ and one hand to help with those dance moves.

Turn off all the apps running in the background

Background apps drain the battery so make sure only the important ones (hello Snapchat) are running.

When you’re looking for service like:


Put your phone in airplane mode, wait 30 seconds and turn airplane mode off. Quickly hit send on that text that needs to go out and it should go through.

Bring a Ziploc bag

Nothing says festival mood killer like a phone that’s been fried by the rain or a puddle of mud.


Screenshot anything online you know you’ll need to look at again, like the festival schedule or a map on how to get home. That way even if there’s no service you know you’re covered.

Faster charge

Put your phone in airplane mode while charging so it reaches 100% faster. If you’re not expecting any urgent texts, leave your phone on airplane mode for a bit longer to conserve battery.

Turn off push notifications

Turn off push notifications for apps you don’t need to look at while you’re at the festival. This makes the battery last longer and doesn’t have you looking at your phone to see unimportant updates while you should be dancing.

Bring a portable charger

You can get them online or at major pharmacy chains. This is likely to save your life.

Find the Wi-Fi

Brands will often have tents to promote their products. Often they have free Wi-Fi as a perk for people hanging out there. Seek out these areas early in the day so you know where to go if you really can’t find cell service to post that dope Instagram photo.