This is the final post in our 3-part series on money management. Part 1 shows you how to make money, and Part 2 will help you save money.

The little things add up more than you think. If someone asked you if you’d rather buy a Starbucks latte a few times a week or take a dream vacation, which one would you choose? Uh, we’ll take travel adventure please. Here are some easy ways to save money you didn’t even realize you were spending.

Walk It Beyoncé Style

Getting from point A to point B is super expensive and hella boring. Save the money you would have spent on gas or public transport and put it towards something you really want instead. Then start walking or biking to get around. It’s healthier for your body, the environment and your wallet.


Your Coffee Habit

Oh Starbucks, we love you. But you also burn a hole in our wallets. Plus the long lines when you’re already running late in the morning is a pain and a half. Start making your coffee at home. Don’t have time to drink it? Get a cute portable thermos, which is also good for the environment.

Student Lyfe

Being a student definitely has its perks. Ask around to see where your student card gets you discounts. Want to know a secret? Student discounts are coming soon to Garage!

Love Those Red Tags

Maybe we don’t need to tell you this one but watch out for sales. You should especially take advantage of things like “Buy One, Get One Free” because it’s a good opportunity to buy something for you and you can save the other something for your friend’s birthday gift.


Get Stuff for Minimal Amount of Work

If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks you need to get on that now. Companies will give you giftcards and perks for filling out quick surveys. Bored on your commute? Might as well fill out a survey and get a free lunch!

Steal Your Friend’s Clothes

Ok not really, but that shirt you’ve worn a million times and are totally bored of is like brand new to your BFF. Organize regular clothing swaps with your friends to clean up your closet and update your wardrobe for free.

Win It

Want new things or cool experiences… for free? Take a second to enter contests online because who knows you might be the lucky winner!