This is the second post in our 3-part series on money management. Read the first post on making more money here.

You probably know this story all too well: you should have tons of money and yet your bank account always shows a big fat zero. Girl, it’s time to learn how to save. This is a good habit to pick up now rather than later because the sooner you learn, the more bills you have.


Give Yourself An Allowance

You know that feeling when you get money and feel like you are balling and then all of a sudden you’re broke and are like “How did that happen?”. This is a good habit to break sooner rather than later. Give yourself an allowance so you know how much to spend on food, shopping, concerts, and savings. Make your budget plan to include all your income, whether it’s from a job, parents, or extra earnings like babysitting and birthday money.

Monitor Your ATM Usage

Living off of cash only is a secret of the financially savy. Withdraw how much cash you are planning on spending at the beginning of the week and stick to only spending that amount. You will also avoid those ATM withdrawal fees which REALLY add up.

Use Apps to Monitor Your Spending

Why do all the work when an app could do it for you? There are some awesome money management resources out there that are free. Our fave is Mint.

Need a Crash Course On How to Handle Your Money?

Check out for tons of resources and advice. They even have a free 9-day course for people who need some intense help.

Save a Dollar a Day

Start with one dollar, the next day save two, and then the next day save three, and keep going all summer long. This sounds SO easy but if you save a dollar more each day you will make bank.


Make Saving Fun

Not spending your whole pay check right away might sound like something a boring adult would do (and who wants to be one of those!) but it makes it easy if to save towards something you really want. Every time you put money in your savings account and think about those epic travel adventures in your future, you’re sure to get excited.

Save Everything You Save

This is a good trick because you won’t even notice losing access to the money you’re saving. If you save 15% when you go shopping, move that 15% into your savings account. So it’s like you paid full price but really your saving up some cash for something you really want.