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The moment I ate a piece of cotton candy out of my hand and it tasted like a porta-pottie was the moment I realized that I learned a lot about festivals at Governors Ball this year. Whether it’s your first festival or your tenth, here are some insider festival hacks you are definitely going to want to use. Pack these in your festival bag and be prepared for anything the festival life may throw at you.

Mini Sunscreen

Which one is worse: my awkward farmers burn (I don’t tan) or the white lines I have across my wrist from where all my festival bracelets were? Mom was right, should have worn sunscreen. Pack a little bottle in your bag in case the sun starts shining extra bright.


You know the bathrooms are bad when someone walks out and is like “You don’t want to go in there. Give it 10 minutes.” All I can say is: OMG EW. Often the Purell runs out within the first couple hours of the day, and the sinks look grosser than the toilets, so take sanitation into your own hands and bring some purifying gel.


Bring a Ziplock Bag

If it rains and all you have with you are your short shorts, crop top and wallet, your phone is done for. Bring a ziplock bag for a not-so-stylish but 100% practical waterproof phone case. Looks like it’s going to be sunny all day? Use it to save some of your leftover french fries. Snacks for later = genius.


If you can bring a balloon, always bring a balloon. We saw one girl with a bunch of pastel blue balloons that matched her outfit, and other people who just brought single balloons that said funny things on them. You should make this happen because: 1) fun to wave in a crowd dancing to the music and 2) your friends will never lose you.

Flannel Shirt

As soon as the sun went down it got super chilly. Flannel shirts are awesome because you can tie them around your waist during the day (on trend) and then be cozy at night. Missing your fave band because you’re cold is so not an option.

Hair Prepared

Between possible rain and getting sweaty from dancing your hair will probably be a mess by the time the evening hits. Bring something you know will make your hair look cute, like a bandana, hairband or a hat.


Empty Water Bottle

Insider’s hack – there will be water stations where you can fill up your bottle which means you don’t have to keep buying water bottles that cost a gazillion dollars.


Festival food is seriously $$$. Save yourself some cash and time spent waiting in line by bringing a granola bar to hold you over in between shows.


Speaking of snacks… the candy runs out fast! Bring your own so you don’t have to buy sour patch kids at a ridiculous price, saving you more money to spend on festival favorites like cotton candy and french fries.


Don’t ask questions, just know you’ll be thankful later. You can use them to remove make up, dirt and everything in between.


Tide to Go

I started counting all the girls with stains on their shirts and lost track. Bring Tide to Go unless you want a big ketchup stain in all of your festival photos.

Bonus tip: If it’s rained in the past 24 hours don’t wear white shoes: goodbye converse, I loved you.